Job Woes: Responsibility vs. More Money

I heard this topic on the radio a few weeks ago and I thought it would warrant a good conversation. Would you take a job without a pay raise? More responsibility with no incentives? I know most people would say absolutely not!…I would never take a higher position without more money!” Think about this though: the economy is bad and to be honest this situation could very well happen to you. Of course the downside to the situation is that you accept the position with more hassle and reap no benefits. If you want to look at the bigger picture, even though you aren’t getting any more money with this new position, the responsilibities could propel you into another company with a dramatic increase in pay simply because of the sacrifice you made in the past. Do you take sacrifice now and hold on to it for a future pay off or settle for right now? Let’s hear it!


“The Black Entertainment Complex”

 Hee-larious Quote of the Week: “You see my face??? I ain’t even worried ‘bout dat.”

FOX News anchor, Laura Ingram decided in a news segment to call out the NBC network for allowing Chris Brown to perform in light of his past and recent antics. Unsurprisingly biased, they set out and found three #teamCBreezy fans who, well……..kept it real and were obviously not aware that they were talking to FOX NEWS! SMH..

At the 3:21 mark, FOX News Correspondent, Jehmu Greene, said the following:

“In Chris Brown’s example, he is a prime example of the black entertainment complex- not holding him accountable”

Hmmm, “the black entertainment complex.” Interesting. Peep the video here and share your thoughts! In the black community, should we hold black entertainers more “accountable” for their actions? In what way?


CoffyTalk Poll: Thoughts on Film, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man”

It was recently announced that a film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s mega successful book,  Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man is in the works. With the likes of Chris Brown, Taraji Henson, Gabrielle Union, and Kevin Hart, it is sure to be a star studded presentation. It seems, that with both criticism and praise of the self-help book, folks are on the fence about whether or not this is an endeavor worthy of our patronage.  Here at CoffyTalk, we’ve already discussed the dilemma of supporting African American representations in film, even if they don’t show us in the best light. And while we don’t know for sure which route this movie will choose to go,  we can only hope that  the writers will do both Harvey, and the black community justice. (We all know what happens when they don’t). Now, we want to hear from you. Are you excited to see Steve Harvey’s book on the big screen??

And We Like Buffets Because…??

I’m sure there is no other country on this planet that has as many buffet chain corporations as America. Matter of fact, does any other country have buffets? Buffets just seem to be another American pastime. All you can eat for a fairly decent price, and best believe everyone will make it their business to eat their money’s worth. Of course it’s a great idea but no one ever takes into the factors that really come along with buffets. I decided to break it down into three categories: the good, the bad, and the just plain nasty.


Paying 6-15 bucks for an opportunity to eat all that you can fit into your stomachs and purses if you’re really desperate. You get to pig out on the usual foods that you necessarily wouldn’t be able to. It’s your opportunity to taste those dishes that you know are totally bad for you but hey, if it’s in front of you why not scarf down a few. You don’t have anyone telling you to eat your vegetables because come on let’s be real, who eats healthy food at buffets?


The thing that racks my nerves is that all the food is just out in the open. People pick, prod, and scramble through food just because they have the option to pick the best out of what they want. Kids walk around sneezing and doing all kinds of things, people talk over the food as they put them on their plates. Some people even have the nerve to put things back on their plates that they all of a sudden don’t want. This is making me sick just thinking about it.


Ever notice that they bring out this food in amazing fast time?  To me, there’s something wrong if food comes in and out as quickly as it does at buffets. Also, I know you all know about this one: when you pick a plate out of the bin and it still has food on it (gag) so you put it to the side and pick up another one that’s clean. Seriously, what makes you think that plate is even cleaner than the one that actually had visible food on it?!??

On a serious note, buffets are doing nothing but promoting the ever climbing obesity rate in the United States. We are eating our lives away just for the sake of being able to do it for cheap. Who could resist food when it is put in front of you like that? Buffets allow no type of portion control, actually the word portion doesn’t even make sense in the same sentence as a buffet. Besides, the plate thing should be enough to turn you off from them anyways. (ughk)

Going Natural and What it Really Means To Me

My fellow CT comrades have shared their opinions and perspectives about their natural experience, but I realized that I had yet to share mine. If you don’t know, I am still transitioning, seven months in and still going. I am just entering the difficult phase of transitioning- the hair shedding, the dryness, the making hairstyles up out of your a$$ phase. Over the course of six years, I’ve tried transitioning twice before this and I hope that the phrase, third time is the charm, is indeed true.

The first time I transitioned was in college. As many college transitioners will tell you, I transitioned because I couldn’t find a decent stylist to do my hair and I was broke. Back then, blogs weren’t as popular as they are now and the YouTube videos weren’t in abundance. The second time was still in college, but due to me getting permanent color, the inevitable damage occurred, so I went down the transition road again. By this time, the natural hair community and more information began to have a presence online and forums like Nappturality and Fotki and sites such as Curly Nikki clued me in a bit on the basic stuff. I held on for a while until an event came around and that creamy crack got the best of me.

Fast forward a few years and with the help and support of all my natural friends, the endless amount of information online, I got this thing in the bag. My transition has been, as expected, met with opposition. I still catch my mother, who insisted that even though she pressed her hair back in the ‘70s she wasn’t “natural,” throwing up side-eyes on the low when I walk pass her time to time. While my grandmother is more understanding surprisingly than my mother, she sometimes ask when I plan to get it straightened again.  

Sometimes I hear others refer to this as a “trend,” thinking that ultimately we all will revert back to relaxers at some point. Truth be told, I never said I am completely giving up the relaxer forever, who knows, one day I might do a Jill Scott and throw it back in. The point is, those in our community shouldn’t look at this with cynicism and skepticism.  There is something autonomous, powerful and sometimes rebellious in embracing something that for centuries has been looked at as unattractive, inferior and unworthy by most cultures, including our own. When I see women walking down the street with the afros, twist-outs and locs, there is apart of me that feels, (without being too cheesy), proud. With that being said, why put us down because we want to know what our natural hair textures feel and look like without being manipulated by Motions and Affirm. Hair in general has always been that common thread for black women when it comes to camaraderie and fellowship. It’s probably the most frequent topic that brings strangers together. Yet, there’s apart of me that feels that with natural hair, there aren’t as many secrets withheld for fear of being less exclusive. I see that women in the natural hair community are more supportive and forthcoming, willing to share their tips, tricks and products to use. I suppose that is because natural hair is like DNA, no one can get an exact copy. No one can go into the beauty supply store and buy my exact hair texture, and to me, that is the beauty of natural hair.

What are your transitioning stories? Are you thinking about going natural? What is holding you back? Also, are there any women reading this who are relaxed? What are your thoughts?

Health Tip: Sunscreen and Sunblock..Yes You Need It Too

Everyone enjoys a good tan in the sun but it is still important to protect our skin while we are doing so. Most African Americans think that because we have more melanin in our skin than other races, we aren’t susceptible to skin cancer and sunburn. On the contrary that is untrue. Although our chances may be lower, we are still at risk. We are entering the middle of summer and the sun will be shinning brighter than ever. It is important to be aware of the different types of rays that you will be encountering, which are UVA, UVB, and UVC.

According to an article from Optimal Health Today, “UVA, UVB and UVC are all types of radiation that are given off by the sun. UVC is absorbed by the atmosphere and never reaches the earth’s surface. UVB is partially absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer and in the atmosphere, with the remainder reaching the earth’s surface. Most UVA reaches the earth’s surface”.

“UVB is commonly associated with sunburn, and together, UVB and sunburn care considered to be the main cause of basal and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as a significant cause of malignant melanoma. UVA, which penetrates deeply into the skin, is also thought to be a factor in premature ageing and skin cancers.”

Higher SPF sunscreens don’t give you a higher level of protection, it just determines the length of time it will protect you’re skin. If you are continuously in the sun, don’t forget to reapply. Also, there are some common sense things you know such as if you are in the water, you are going to need to reapply more often.

We tend to interchange the words, sunscreen and sunblock. Let’s define each one: “Sunscreens absorb UV rays, while sunblocks deflect them. A sunblock, properly applied, prevents all UV from reaching the skin. Sunblocks used to be easily recognisable as the bright white stripes that skiers and lifeguards once wore; they are now much more cosmetically acceptable.”

All in all, no one is safe from the harms of the sun, so it is important to keep ourselves protected at all times.

Enjoy the sun!

Thank God I Dodged A Bullet

FYI, no, I wasn’t in a recent shoot-out. While watching the new video to Beyonce’s, ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ track, aside from her Ebony Fashion Fair-esque walk at the end and her flawless skin, a few lines from the song stood out to me:

“Thank God you blew it, Thank God I dodged a bullet, I’m so over you, so baby good looking out.”

I could relate, I’m sure others can relate to Bey on this too. Dating someone who is not pulling their own weight in the relationship or not practicing Teddy P’s 50/50 love formula is never good. I have had my experiences in relationships, in which I had been dating someone for a while and throwing a blind eye to the red-flags or their lack of participation in the relationship. In cases such as this, because you love them or think you “love them,” you allow yourself to put those red flags to the side. Not to mention if you think this person is “the one” while they are not proving themselves to be that indeed “special one.” You will set yourself up for a lot of disappointment and wasted time.

'Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Gooooo'

However, there comes a point, usually that final straw, when everything becomes clear and the realization hits you. You start saying to yourself, “I can do better,” or “I don’t deserve this.” The power and liberation that comes along with letting someone go who’s expiration was long overdue is tremendous. Yet, I don’t want to completely bash “the exes,” because some of the people who turn out not to be “the one” do have some purpose in our lives. The teach us valuable lessons and in the process, we learn what we like and what we don’t like when it comes to picking mates in the future. So with that being said, they aren’t completely made up of douchebag material, just not for us. Furthermore, it’s not until we meet someone better or see that “something old” in person or via social networking, that we indeed think to ourselves, “What the hell was I thinking??!?!” “Damn I’m so off that,” “Thank God they blew it and THANK GOD I dodged that bullet.”

 Can anyone co-sign????

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