Style Violations Part 1

We like to style and profile….I know, BUT sometimes, we tend to do too much in the style department. I came up with eight items we tend to do too much in the style department. This will be an ongoing series, so let this be PART ONE:

1. Over Accessorizing- sometimes less is more. The general rules of thumb when it comes to accessorizing are a) if there is a lot going on in your ensemble, keep it simple with the accessories, b) keep it down to ONE statement piece. For example, if you are wearing a statement necklace, then your earrings should be simple. Some of us tend to go overboard with the jewelry.

2. Coordination Overload– Apparently there are a few bad apples in the batch who didn’t get the memo that coordinating from head to toe should have been left in the 90s with Chilli’s baby hair. If you find yourself matching from head to toe, step back and take one item off. However, neutrals shouldn’t count; in fact, a neutral is your best friend when you find yourself wearing the same color. Throw on a nude pump with the bright colored dress. Silver and gold accessories work best with multicolored outfits.

3. Label “Whoring” – You know us black folks, if it doesn’t say who the designer

is 10 million times across the purse, belt, shirt, hat, etc., we not buying it. One logo purse is alright, but is the matching belt and shoes necessary??

4. One-Stop Shop Outfits-Where all my wet seals at???? If I can tell that you bought your entire outfit from one store, then kill yourself. Unless it’s a dress, the key to creating a great ensemble is looking around at various shops/boutiques/stores to find these pieces to make yours one of a kind. Stores have a certain “look” or theme that makes it easy for others to spot what store it came from. In the future, do yourself a favor and shop around.

5. Fit vs. Tight-We all know that one person who just refuses to shop in their size. People confuse tight with fit. The garment is tight if: a) your rolls are visible b) you have a muffin top c) you have to lay back on the bed to fasten it OR d) YOU’RE UNCOMFORTABLE!

6. Age Inappropriate– Don’t be a Mariah Carey- dress your age. This works both ways.

Sometimes people dress too matronly- I have fallen victim of this time to time, but if you’re 35 dressing as if you’re American Eagle’s spokesperson then reevaluate your self-esteem.

7. Formal Places/Unmade Faces– I know I might get some disapprovals over this item, but who cares, this is MY post. Nothing irritates me more than seeing a woman in a beautiful gown, hair done, nails, everything big……but the face! Ehh?? No one is saying go out and buy out the MAC store and paint your face, but there’s a $1 lip gloss and eyeliner in every Asian owned beauty supply store in your local hood. Look the part, if you paid hundreds of dollars for a gown, throw something on your face to complete the formal look….I’m just sayin.’

8. Following Trends that Don’t Suit Us… Amber Rose, Eve, Beyonce’-like lacefronts, Lil’ Wayne….need I say more?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trish
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 15:39:28

    Definitely a good topic! Please keep this going. I’ll be sure to check it from time to time when I am unsure about an outfit!


  2. Trish
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 15:49:43

    SN: That Louis trash bag… hilarious! lmao


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