They’ve Been Rapping It Up Since The B.C’s: The History of Condoms

How many of us really know where condoms came from? Those amazing little things that have saved thousands from becoming unprepared parents and getting STDs have a history of their own. I thought it would be pretty cool to enlighten the masses about how far condoms predate us, and how far they have come since their beginning. All of these dates are given to us courtesy of Durex, one of the leading producers of condoms worldwide.

1220 B.C.- Ancient Egypt

Condoms use can be traced back to Ancients Egypt and from that time the condom has protected man from disease and infection. (It’s interesting that they figured it out so far back in the past…amazing how some things haven’t changed!)

100 A.D. -Condom Use in Europe

The earliest evidence of condom use in Europe are scenes from cave painting at Combarelles in France.

1500- Gabrielle Fallopius

In the 1500s Gabrielle Fallopius advocated the use of linen sheaths to protect against syphilis. Other popular materials over the years have included tortoiseshell and leather, favoured by the ancient Japenese, oiled paper, fish bladders and animal gut.


There are two possible explanations for how the condom got its name. It may be derived from Condus, the Latin for receptacle. Or it may get its name from the physician of Charles II of England, Dr. Condom or Quondam, who made his king sheaths of animal gut.

1700 -The English Connection

The English connection may explain the name legendary lover Casanova gave to his sheath. He would never mount without his ‘redingote anglaise’, his English riding coat.

1843 -Revolutionary Rubber

The revolutionary rubber vulcanization process invented by Goodyear and Hancock, made it possible to mass produce more reliable and less expensive products including condoms. Vulcanization is the method or process of treating crude rubber with sulphur and subjecting it to intense heat. This process turns the rubber into a strong elastic material.

1930 -Liquid Latex

Liquid latex manufacturing supersedes crepe rubber. It is still the basis for manufacture today.


New technology has considerably improved the condom and enabled the production of far more sophisticated versions than our ancestors were used to. The latest development is DUREX AVANTI made from a unique polyurethane material, DURON, which is twice as strong as latex enabling a thinner, more sensitive film.

2000 -Pleasuremax

Durex launches Pleasuremax- the first condom that combines shape and texture to give maximum stimulation to both partners. They developed a unique odour masker to reduce the smell of latex. They launched the world’s first synthetic polysioprene male condom (Durex Avanti Ultima).

So I will leave you all with this last quote from good ‘ol Surgeon Sage..

Continue to be safe; or just save yourself the trouble and be abstinent all together until you find the right person 🙂


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SoulllGlowww
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 12:22:44

    the egyptians eh?? i wonder what originally made them decide to put a coat on it??

    anyway, this was a cool and interesting post. u learn something new everyday.


  2. Dupree
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 13:27:01

    Very interesting thtat they use leather. This good keep it up.


  3. Waste Collection
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 15:52:26

    They can use anything as long as it is safe. Pregnancy is not really a nightmare but the STD is.


  4. Should've put 3ON
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 16:01:25

    Pregnancy can be a nightmare, especially if you have FUG ass kids or a lowlife baby mama/daddy!!! Take it from me, next time ur lover drops them panties, take a good look and think deeply about what u about to do. Is this someone you can be connected to FOREVER. If u have a baby u will, if u get the HERPS or AIDS u will be too. Unless they come out wit a condom that allows us to have sex without touching, fuk it! i aint fukin!


    • SoulllGlowww
      Sep 28, 2010 @ 16:15:46

      but perhaps this all originated not because of the “nightmare” of pregnancy, but nightmare of an std??

      i don’t know the history of syphillis or herp, but i can’t imagine that the egyptians were thinking “no, i dont want to end up with a dead beat baby daddy, or fug kids, so let me put some sheepskin over this bad boy…” i would think that they’d want to procreate so that they could build armies and take over (but that could be me stereotyping the ancient egyptians)

      but u never know…maybe some of those pharoahs were having maury povich moments…and a form of the condom was developed to keep away those women that insisted king tut was the father… * shrug *


      • T.L.C.
        Sep 28, 2010 @ 17:21:36

        Right, doing the little research I did, it seems that back then condoms sole purpose was to protect from disease, and if they were having sex with their wives then they wouldn’t use it. We are in a different age now where people are more careless and unwanted pregnancies do nothing but continue the cycle.

  5. Should've put 3ON
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 17:35:30

    First, I would like to say that havin FUG ass kids is almost as bad as having the Herps, maybe not AIDS, but its bad! Dont wanna go anywhere wit that ugly thang, dont want to even tell anybody you have 1.

    As for the Egyptians, it makes sense, especially with the lack of medical care. Condoms were meant for protection of diseases that no known medication could cure at the time. Now condoms are used as mistake erasers or something. Like i can do what i want as long i put a condom on. I wonder if the absence of condoms would make ppl stop fuk!n random hoe$ raw dogg??? Doubt it! Conversely, beacuse we have advanced immensely in the field of medicinie now, some people may just throw 2 sheets to the wind and take their chances, feeling invincible to the non-curable Herps, AIDS, Hepatitis.

    Condoms or not, the issue is our relationship with Sex, our Self worth, and what we are willing to sacrifice to be happy or to make someone else happy.


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