What’s On Your iPod?

I am a very eclectic person when it comes to music so every now and again I’m going to share what I’m listening to at the moment. Album wise, the only one I’m listening to is “Passion, Pain, and Pleasure” by Trey Songz. I haven’t always been a fan of Trey Songz, but I absolutely loved his previous album to this one “Ready” so I decided I would give this one a go too. Overall the album is definitely for the most part solid, but it doesn’t compare to “Ready”. Some of the songs do seem a little rushed, but honestly there is only one song that I’m not fond of. Most notable songs include the Bottom’s Up (which I think Nikki Minaj outdoes Trey in), We Can’t Be Friends, Unfortunate, Love Faces, Unusual, and Made To Be Together. As you can see the majority of the album is my favorite LOL. What I think is most attractive about Trey Songz’s music is how much it relates to our everyday relationship issues. For me personally, I can relate to all of the songs that I listed above in one way or another. Which songs are your favorites?

Let’s head over to singles. One single that I’ve recently had on repeat for the past few days is “All I Want Is You” by Miguel ft. J.Cole. I can admit I am a latecomer to this song because I actually heard it for the first time last week. I loooooove J. Cole’s voice and he was the first thing I heard when the track came on. The song is very soulful and real; I love the old skool beat.

Many of today’s music doesn’t really appeal to me except for when I want to act stupid with my friends so I always find myself roaming back to old R&B 90s music. Some old skool music that’s been in my rotation lately is “I’m So Into You” by SWV and “Heartbroken” by Aaliyah. If you haven’t noticed I have a lot of mushy love type songs in my collection and obviously I’m in a lovey-dovey kinda mood (ughk!). A surprise song is “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs in Harmony. I have no clue why I keep listening to this song but it brings back memories of me and my friends attempting to rap the whole song without stumbling LOL. Also, it’s only 69 cents on iTunes right now.

What are you guys favorite songs right now. Let’s hear ‘em!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SoulllGlowww
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 12:19:08

    yes yes yes!! finally someone who isnt sleeping on trey’s album. a lot of people (including myself) went into it expecting it to be a carbon copy of “ready”. however, i was pleasantly surprised to find this album much more emotional and mature. yes, he still talks about sex, and “making love faces” (hence the pleasure), but he also brings passion with songs like “can’t be friends” and pain with (my personal fave) “made to be together”.

    right now, i’m def. on a trey kick in the car. but on the ipod i’m listening to a mix of songs from the white stripes (saw a documentary on them that made me fall in love), as well as damien rice’s “the blower’s daughter” (another song that i discovered from a film).


  2. NoTechSwagg
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 13:43:55

    Im not listening to anything but the radio!!!!! SN:::: RIC has a new station
    I have an Iphone, wit 3 songs downloaded, I have a very nice touch screen comp with the same 3 songs downloaded. WTF!?!?!? I purposely bought this ish with the plans to step up my music game. Clearly that didnt work the way i planned!

    I have heard Mr. Songz album and it is pretty good. I listened to it a few times in rotation and didnt even know it. His voice is awesome, and alot of artists out here just dont have talent. Yet, they make as much money and have as much notoriety as every1 else. This Trey album is on a different level though. Mature and a bit risky with some of the sound choices he made, but nonetheless a VA singer makin big moves.

    Hope he continues to do well, especially since he doesnt dance! As long as he doesnt beat up anybody ( i.e. CB) or go marry some old hag cuz he gay and wanna have babies (i.e. Usher) then i see a bright future for TreyDay!


  3. Mr.Black&White
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 13:44:44

    Currently on my personal playlist there’s a lot of Drake, Wale, & J.Cole . I really can appreciate there music because they are still grounded and haven’t reached a point in there careers where Highs and Low are foreign to me. As a native of the Big Apple, Jay-z is rocking in my headphones on the regular. ” Love when that boy Young talks fly ” . Also some Fabolous, Kanye, Jadakiss, and Wayne . I’m most def can digg on that roaming in to the old school so for heartfelt substants so you can catch me bumping  songs like “Renee” by the Lost Boyz now and again . O an Trey gets it rockin #Pause . Haven’t really got the chance to get into the new album but Ready and his Mixtapes before have many further classics on them #Yup


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