I was recently asked to write about the black community’s obsession with the gluteus maximus, the derriere, the booty, the arse. This piece of muscle has launched a thousand ships, careers, jail terms and births. But why? What is so captivating about the butt? I want to know, partly because I am one of many black women who’s apart of the itty bitty booty committee. I can’t seem to grow a booty for the life of me. Nowadays, growing a booty shouldn’t be a concern of mine though. Especially since I CAN BUY ONE! YAYYY!

If you didn’t get the sarcasm, then God bless you. Booty implants seem to be the new trend, the breast implants of the 21st century. If you haven’t heard and asking yourself, “where they do that at?” then please see Angel Lola Luv, booty implants poster child, Nicki Minaj, every desperate wanna be video girl, and side-eye Kim Kardashian. These women have risen to “stardom” due mostly to their enlarged……butts.  One exception would be the first celebrity that I remembered publicly admitted to getting butt implants, Countess Vaughan of the “Moesha” sitcom. Even after her surgery, her career never advanced, so I’m assuming she was ahead of her time, always now Countess *kanye west shrugs*. Anyhoo, back to my original question, what is it about a big butt that creates this hysteria amongst black men and secretly amongst black women? Is it mostly for sexual gratification for black men? For us women, is it because it is something we want to have? I laugh when I see a big butt woman walk past a group of men and they pretend to not watch UNTIL she walks past and then I sigh. No, I wouldn’t care for the gawking men, but my reasons for wanting a bigger butt is for fashion reasons. I wouldn’t mind some more junk in my trunk to wear fitted dresses or prevent the “saggy seat syndrome” with the jeans. I’m not like some women who argue that not having a big butt makes the feel less of a black woman-that’s never been the case for me. I agree that black women are known for having bigger butts, but that’s not all that we’re about. I only want a bigger butt just so my clothes will fit better-period-not for social advancement. Now, there should be a disclaimer somewhere in this post where I state I never, EVER, want a butt like Nicki Minaj or Angel Lola Luv….to me, I feel like they have taken something that is something synonymous with black women and turned it into a caricature. This is one of those posts where I’m in need of feedback. What do you guys and girls think??

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  1. BigBootyJudy
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 17:31:00

    Im wit u! I am lackluster in the backside department. Even after the birth of my son, NOTHING!!! SMH…..i do want a booty, not for fashion, or for a man, but for me. I just want 1, and now that i can buy 1, im gonna get 1! A big ghetto booty will make me smile when i walk past the mirror and my bootay follows 3 seconds later. Obviously most black men are attracted to a nice plump rump shaker, but i secretly have a butt fetish too. Its amazing how different they all can be. Big,round,apple shaped,pear shaped, petite whatever. The invention of plastic surgery and the genius idea to hone in on ppl’s undeniable insecurities is making someone Supa Rich. Hopefully I can get a booty like J.Lo and I can become a poster child too. Booty model in the making, yea i said it! I want a big ol booty you can sit cups on! Dont judge me, im keepin it real! Well 1/2 real minus the booty pop i got on rite now 😉 HA!


  2. Trish
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 17:37:33

    I should have seen this post coming. I have been asking guys the same question for a while now. Of course I always get the “It really doesn’t matter”… BULLL ISH. Yea right. If it really didn’t, then like you said, some of these chicks would not know what stardom was. Not to sound like a “Hater” (Shout out to Sisitah TeasTer), I’m not mad at any chick who has it and flaunts it… appropriately. I would too if I had it like that..FML. So to sum this up, I’ll admit to understanding the intrigue but NOT enough to understand the celebrity that comes along with it. Hopefully some guys will see this and address it so this issue will finally get put into perspective.


  3. Eazye757
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 20:33:57

    I think booty to men is what 6 packs and muscles are to women. The physical attraction it causes does nothing to advance a relationship but it can help start one Just like women want eye candy in there mate (tall chocolate muscular and what have you) us men definitely want something to stare at lol


    • DA
      Oct 08, 2010 @ 22:57:52

      I agree with Easy. I think guys are wired a little differently and from a scientific standpoint, studies have been done that came to a conclusion that men are attracted to women with a low waist to hip ratio. (Sexual Nature, Sexual Culture pg. 91) So women who have it at the hips (i.e. butt) will get more of those sexually charged glances from guys than women who don’t.

      I honestly think it’s an innate mechanism. Perhaps, it could be related to the old theory that women with wider hips have a better ability to bear children which may have been the evolutionary mechanisms back in the prehistoric times but in today’s society where ‘spreading your seed’ is not a financially savvy thing to do, men could be attracted to a women’s behind because of it’s sexual aesthetics as women are attracted to men with broad shoulders, deep voice and etc.

      To summarize: we are ‘aminals’ (pun intended) lol


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