When I hear young boys, for example, age seven or eight, reciting “Pretty Boy Swag,” despite my frustrations with kids reciting any Soulja Boy lyrics, I smile. I do this because I’d rather hear YOUNG BOYS sing, “Pretty Boy Swag” than grown men believing they are. As a woman, I find it disturbing the high levels of men walking around embracing this pretty boy phenomenon. Ten years ago if any man over the age of 18 walked around declaring they’re “pretty” and they weren’t a Kappa, side-eyes will ensue from men and women.

And I’m not talking about this:

These guys are a joke to me.  Isn’t it obvious? I am talking about the men, who are more “mature” and are indeed  attractive looking, but have a very feministic approach to their looks and dating. When the “metrosexual” trend took off in the late ‘90s, black men were NOT feeling that too much, but they rocked the buttom-ups and considered that as “stepping their game up.” Now, men are seriously embracing the pretty boy swag culture and becoming too conceited at alarming rates. I started thinking about this trend as a disease that I like to call, “prettyboyswagitis.” Its equivalent to being a metrosexual on the masculinity scale, yet, the brothas are more likely to suffer from this disease. Ladies, the symptoms include:

  1. He spends more time in the mirror than you.
  2. His beauty regimen will put Dr. Patricia Wexler to shame, (Google her).
  3. He takes the line, “I stay (insert brand here) down to the socks,” literally…
  4. He doesn’t believe he should approach a female.
  5. He is rarely in real relationships with women because he always manages to find a flaw, mostly physical, thus he only resorts to sex.
  6. His arrogance is confused with the following attributes: confident, laid-back, cool, etc.
  7. He loves female friends, not to get put on, but to have a female lackey following, to further stroke his ego and affirm he IS God’s gift to women.
  8. At social events, he shows up with his boys and will never break away from them.
  9. Most of his conversations consist of why he’s so “different” from other men. 
  10. Chivarly???? In his eyes, it doesn’t exist, going dutch again???


In all, I miss the days when men embraced the “rough,” hard-edge look, when it took a man less than a minute to get dress, but still look good, or when guys actually made an effort to approach you and asked to dance. What do you guys think?


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  1. WhoAmIToSayAnything
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 02:01:00

    Interesting post. The “prettyboyswagitis” has spiraled out of control. I am not sure when it became cool to rock skinny jeans and Vans. I feel that many people lack individuality, therefore they conform to what is “hot” now. I am not quite sure why any dude would want to be considered pretty or try to conform to a supposed “trend.” I know I am not the expert in relationships as I have had failed relationships, but I am pretty sure if I approached a female and went on and on about clothes I owned I would get not only the side eye, but the DEUCES chucked up at me. Slightly off topic, but I feel like people today are so caught up in this mindset that they are killing the times of being a man and a gentlemen. As you asserted, I feel like I am one of the few guys I know that actually goes out and spends money on their date for dinner and a movie or even a nice play/concert. I know it’s a recession, but the times of whining and dining seem to be a thing of the distant past for most men . SMH! Bottom line, this “trend” needs to be destroyed!


  2. sexyblackgemini
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 02:40:41

    I most definitely agree with this whole post. Back in the day if u were to see a guy wearing jeans tighter than a females then that was MOST definitely a problem. However, now you see dudes of ALL races wearing tight jeans! Some of them even look like they’re wearing leggins!! This madness has to stop. I personally love (and always will) a man who knows how to act, dress, and wear the CORRECT title of what a true man (gentleman) is supposed to be. I most certainly DO NOT want a man whose jeans are tighter than mine. This “prettyboyswag” business is complete foolishness. However, I do think its cute for the little ones (5-10) singing the song and doing the dance. But at the same time, if ur over the age of 18 (maybe even 16 seeing how grown these kids are today) then you shouldn’t even be engaging in such nonsense. My question is what ever happened to a hard working men who goes to work, is respectable, has manners, knows how to treat a lady..asks/take her out etc? Is it really that hard to find a man who has all those qualities?


  3. Marsey
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 04:32:27

    Hmm very interesting I must say there is a trend for men trying to be more sexy than rugged but However I would rather see black men in a society that wear clothes that fit not sag or wearing outfits that match not baggy Jerseys or bright colors. Ever since levies created the first pair of jeans men always wore them to fit not baggy so I personally believe it’s human nature or a common realm for men to wear clothes that fit more to their figure. In the 90’s we started a fad jut like in the 70’s but soon these fads will all come to past. So I admit some guys take it too far with the skinny jeans but there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing something fits or something that’s not thuged out I believe that was the way of the past for example (long white footlocker T’s)

    So our options as a young black man are to be thuged out or a pretty boy. Well I opt to be a pretty boy on the premise that it’s harder for youg blacks guys to get a prestigious career with a thug mentality but it’s easier for someone who has menatlity of a young mature business professional and dressing with that line of an attire will help point these young men into the right direction. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of seeing black men in incarcerated we need to lead our society from this ignorance and show them a new way of thinking no more fighting in clubs or shooting up hoods we need to take a stand and start more local businesses that will help jump start our economy.

    Signing off
    Marsey lol


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