Marriage: Is Anything Sacred Anymore?? Part 1

After having a very lively conversation on Twitter about marriage, I decided to write a post about it, broken up into two parts: first part is about the two different kinds of marriage I see and part 2 will be why wouldn’t you want to get married.

We live in a country where you have the right to live just about any way you want. Recently, it has been noted that most people just aren’t getting married anymore, and the divorce rate is as high as its ever been in the past years…so where does that leave us? What does marriage really mean to us? Some say they never want to be married, and there’s nothing wrong wit it; while some still desire to have the fairytale ending. I’ve come to the conclusion that marriage can be interpreted into two categories; institutionalized or religious.

Institutionally, marriage is a form of joint agreement between two people on paper. This paper says that these two people are partners acknowledged by the state or wherever they live. This person has to be filed on your taxes, anything that asks for your status, you say married, and any type of thing pertaining to the law you are now marked as being together with a certain individual. Sounds restraining doesn’t it? Sounds cold? Well this is how I feel some people view marriage, they do it because that’s what you are suppose to do when you’ve been with someone for a really long time and you’re ready to take the next step. The fact that people are so easily getting divorced is because the relationship may not mean as much to them as it should. If you’ve been with a person this amount of time, then you should probably get married…probably? are you sure about that one? You can love someone but not want to share your life with them; and that’s where the difficulties began to arise within a marriage. Some people have no problem getting a divorce because it’s just like canceling get over it. I’m not saying that an institutionalized marriage has no love in it, there are plenty of couples who just don’t want to deal with the hassles of the ceremony; or their religious beliefs may be different. Some people just take marriage as about as serious as riding a bike; when you finally learn how to ride it’s the greatest feeling in the world, at the same time you can get off and on any time you want to.

Marriage in the religious aspect is a ceremony where a couple presents their relationship to God saying this is the person that you have sent for me to spend my life with. This is the person I want to wake up every morning to, this is the person that I will love through sickness and in heath, till death do us part, and all the other things that they say that I don’t know. We all aren’t perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes with the people we marry, but if you do decide to marry this person then you owe it not only to yourself but to God to make it work. If it means compromising then that something you need to learn to do in order to work with your other half. People just give up to easily and forget why they got married in the first place. Sex in the religious world is not viewed as just a pleasurable act between two people; is a form of worship to God. Therefore sex with an individual that is not your spouse, sin; sex with your husband/wife you’re worshiping to God with the gift that he has given you just to be yours. To get off being so technical, it all comes down to the amount of love you have for this person. You should see God within your spouse, mostly because the love that you get from your spouse should be the most fulfilling love you’ve ever experienced.

So what about the people who just don’t see the point in marriage…thats part 2 folks..

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TilDeathGetsMePaid
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 14:15:36

    I do believe in the sanctity of marriage and perhaps its because my parents are still married, despite my fathers recent death. (Luv u daddy) I have them as an everpresent model of compromise, dedication, and hard work. Through out my early school years my friends and i would often have conversations that ultimately involved 1 common thought…”wow your parents are still married??? They must be the last of the mohicans” Funny then, but Y is that so uncommon?? Things are changing and the traditional dating game is no more. We no longer date and court and fall in love. We txt chat and email, lust over some1 we hardly know. Jump the broom and end up in front of Judge Maybeline. Conversely, TLC people are getting married, but its like its the new fad! Not taking serious thought because it can be “FIXED” with an annullment or divorce if it lasts that long. Shows like the Bachelor, or Flavor of Luv simplify the institution of marriage. Like its all a game! Religious or not Marriage is sacred, and whether you believe in God or the fat Buddha man, Marriage should not be taken lightly. Even if you have concubines or sister wives, the core point is truth and honesty. Those people know what they are getting into and they agree to the terms of their unconventional relationship. And really thats the issue. Are we vested in each other to compromise and give in to some of our mates desires? If not then dont get married! Have thought clearly about whether you are willing to share your life with someone? If you arent ready, then own that and dont do it for your boo or cuz ur mama wanna see you get married or cuz you need a new toaster and vacuum. Im getting married cuz i want legitimate babies and some life insurance after i deal with all my man’s foolishness after 30 some odd years!!! Those are real issues!!! HA 🙂


  2. Nettie O.
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 17:21:47

    *sigh* I can’t wait to get married. I know there are gonna be ups and downs but I love what my parents have and want to experience it one day 🙂
    Besides I want so Legitimate chil’ren, no baby mama/daddy drama ova here! Marriage is a beautiful thing and I wish ppl took it more serious.

    Cowboys Suck!


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