Should NFL Players Be Fined For Hard Hits??

I love football. I love the physicality of the sport. I absolutely love when someone gives a tackle so hard that you can hear the “pop” and the crowd go “ooooooooo!”. Recently there have been so many player developing concussions from these hard hits, and the NFL has mandated a set of tests for concussion victims just for them to get back on the field. They have even gone to lengths now of fining players who hit their opponents too hard to the point where they are literally almost unconscious on the field. Two NFL players were fined last week for this hits they placed on their opponents which resulted in them having concussions, and some being helped off of the field. The league is also proposing to use suspension depending on the severity of the hit. Is the NFL becoming soft?? I know that the players health is the most thing on the field but football is a contact sport. Sometimes hits aren’t meant to be placed where they end up and things happen, thats the risk you take when stepping onto the field. Bodies are constantly thrown around in the name of running a pigskin up and down the field.

In honor of the only team I love, the Redskins, and in honor of one of the greatest hitters we had on our team R.I.P. Sean Taylor, I’ll share with you guys clips of him laying it down.

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  1. Justina
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 15:02:36

    As an avid football lover, I understand player safety. However, I do believe that some players are taking cheap hits at times, and some do so knowing they will only get fined, and what’s $50,000 to a man who makes $20 mil? In these cases I think fines and suspensions should take place. Intentionally trying to cause major harm to a player is unsportsman-like conduct and simply cruel. However, if it is a legal hit that happened to cause some damage due to brute strength, then I don’t think fines or suspension should take place. This is a Professional Football, a CONTACT sport – not the Powder Puff games or Flag Football – so there will be a level of injury and the players know this when they fall in love with the game and make it their profession.


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