STYLE VS. TRENDY: What’s The Difference?

Fashions fade, style is eternal.

-Yves Saint Laurent

Me and TeasTer have numerous conversations monthly on the stylish vs. trendy debate. I find that people are throwing around the term “stylish” too much lately. So what you can put a cute outfit together, but does that make you stylish? There are tons of blogs springing up with individuals showing off their fashions daily, they’re “trendy,” but does that make you blogworthy? I find that many people tend to think that trendy automatically means stylish and that’s where the problem lies. CONFUSION is what I call it actually. Style is effortless and timeless, meaning, piecing together an outfit shouldn’t take three hours to do; it shouldn’t read methodic or trendy.  Or just because you bought an expensive piece, whether it’s a bag, or a pair of shoes, doesn’t make you stylish either. And don’t me let me get on the brand names. Being stylish is the ability to set yourself apart from the trends and “do you.” Trendy, on the other hand, is temporary; whatever is “hot” at the moment, or following a pattern. Granted, we all wear trendy pieces sometimes, but you shouldn’t read trendy head to toe and on the regular. There are people on college campuses who are going into serious debt trying to keep up with the masses and following trends of the moment. At the same time, there are people who have difficulties being themselves stylistically because their style is not the norm and is not accepted where they live or on those same college campuses. What do you have to say on this issue CT readers? What’s your definition of style?

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