Marriage: Is Anything Sacred Anymore?? Part 2

So in part 1 we talked about the different kinds of marriage, the religious and the institutionalized. Now we’re going to focus on those people who don’t see the point in marriage, those that rather be in a long term relationship but not make the ultimate commitment. Some people just think that marriage isn’t for them, they think they are not the type of person that can make a commitment, so basically there are only two ways you can be if you chose not to be married: the “swinger” and the “committer without the commitment”.

The swinger is the person that doesn’t want to be with one person so they mess around with every Marcus, Lisa, Jamal, and Shantel they can simply because…they can. We live in a society where casual sex isn’t necessarily frowned upon so why not take advantage of it. Being a swinger, you have the convenience of being alone when you want and be with someone when you want. What does that say about swinger? In my opinion that person is scared of commitment. The fact that that person refuses to even think about wanting to be with one person shows that they are missing something inside. Whatever that person is missing inside, they feel as though it will take more than one person to fill it. You know that saying about even when you are in a room full of people, you still feel alone?; that same phrase can be applied to this person. They need people to feel that lonely void, the void for some reason they don’t want to fill with a permanent person. The swinger person will miss out on the opportunity to find the real person they are meant to be with. If you haven’t figure it out by now I’m a hopeless romantic, so i would say that regardless of how that person is, when the right person comes along for them they won’t be able to shake them.

Here we arrive at the person most of us can identify with: the commiter without the commitment. In this situation, this person likes the long term relationship they are in. They are comfortable with living with their boyfriend/girlfriend, probably have a few kids together, and they’ve probably been with this person for numerous amount of years. Now think about that list I just went through, doesn’t that sound like marriage??? This person likes the comfort of the marriage situation but doesn’t want to make the commitment to be married to the person that they obviously want to be with. In this situation once again the person is scared of the ultimate commitment and being in this long term relationship gives them the option of still being able to get out. You can’t say marriage isn’t for you but still be able and comfortable with long term relationships. The person is still trying to hold on to the person they use to be before they met their significant other. Marriage feels like a permanent lockdown. If you want to be with that person why not show how you really feel by giving away the ultimate sign of affection?? If it is truly the person you are suppose to be with, you’ll feel even more freed than before.

Experiences in our lives play into how we feel about marriage and our relationships. Some people see the relationships with their parents or friends fail and they begin to loose faith in love. When we finally choose to follow our own hearts instead of basing our own situations on the outcome of others, then maybe the ending will be different. If you go in positive, you’ll receive positive.

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