When The Degree Is Not Enough..

I know I’m not the only young adult that has dealt with this issue. You get your degree and it’s the happiest day of your life. You’re ready to start your career doing what you love so you begin applying for jobs and enjoy life. A few months roll by and you start to get discouraged. You start to wonder why things aren’t progressing as fast as you would like to, and it makes you wonder: why isn’t my degree enough? Clearly the economy has given everyone the middle finger, and I can say personally myself I’m not where I want to be because of it.

Do you feel lied to by your parents or any grownups that told you “you can be anything when you grow up when you put your mind to it?”  I felt the same way when I was sitting around with no job and no insurance.  At the same time I will still probably tell my kids the same thing because it instills determination.  Most of my friends or people I have known have not followed the same career aspirations that they began with. I feel like when we are young we say the normal things such as doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. because that is all we see; we don’t see the depth of those positions. When it’s time to make that decision we suddenly realize that that is not what we want to do anymore, then it becomes a struggle for identity.
So what do we do when our degrees don’t seem like enough? Every experience that I have had since I graduated has turned me into the person I am today. All of the interviews, rejections, temp jobs have set me up to be ready for just about anything that comes my way. Of course I still encounter things on my job from foolish people that still surprise me, but hey, I’m just getting started and it’s all a learning experience for us. I may not be career wise where I want to be, but I’m definitely heading in the right direction. Also, sometimes it helps to just fight for what you want. If you have everything given to you so easily, then the experience will never be truly gratifying.

Taking a little “wise” fairy dust from TeasTer, my advice to my generation would be to keep fighting for our place in this society. They might be trying to stick with older people that have experience, but they are also looking for the new fresh minds of young adults. Get as much education as you can, but never think that will take the place of experience. We are supposed to be smarter than the generation before us, so let’s start acting like it.

Have your experiences been the same?

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