Me & The Black Salon: Our Love/Hate Relationship

Ever since I switched back to the creamy crack from my months of transitioning, I have had the arduous task of trying to find an appropriate time to see my hairstylist. I compare this task to trying to find the Elmo doll six years ago-damn near impossible. She’s either unavailable after a certain time, booked one day, doesn’t come in at all another day. Then if I manage to make an appointment, I’m in the shop all day! Not to mention the occasional unprofessionalism. While her work is great and I leave satisfied, I can’t shake the mountain top I had to climb just to get my hair done and I prolong my next appointments and just do it myself to avoid the same process.  These are just some of the reasons so many black women are switching up and getting their done at Dominican shops or deciding to go natural. Black salons are definitely seeing the effects of the popularity of Dominican salons in the black community. While I’ve never gone to a Dominican shop, from what I’ve been told, the service is faster, cheaper and you leave with “softer” hair from their controversial blowouts, plus I hear that the blowouts prolong the time in between a relaxer. From those opinions, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Dominican shops are the McDonalds of salons. You go in, knowing what you want, its cheap, its fast and you leave with a temporary fix. Furthermore, while that $25 blowout sounds tempting, I must say I’m staying loyal to my hairstylist. You see, there are always pros and cons to every situation. While your hair is soft after leaving the salon, the amount of heat that was applied to your hair or rather scalp to achieve that soft, bouncy look will lead to hair damage if done on a continuous basis-which it will because blowouts don’t last long. Furthermore, if you have relaxed hair, you must get relaxers every 6-8 weeks otherwise your hair will break off, plain and simple. Plus, my reasons for staying with my black stylist are the same reasons why I’d rather have a female gyno than a male gyno; if you don’t have it, then there’s no need for me to see you, we can’t relate. Dominican hair is different from African American hair, and I need someone who has the same hair texture as me doing my hair to ensure proper hair management. So while I hate having to put out an APB on my hairstylist time to time, she can rest assure I will remain a loyal customer because I’m sticking with what I know.

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  1. Go Cinderella!
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 01:30:35

    TRUST me I understand!!! I’ve had this problem since I started going to salons. Will I remain loyal.. yes, for now. But the moment there is a hybrid of the efficient Dominican stylist, and the most trusted African American stylist.. I’m out!


  2. Mania
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 17:59:37

    Dominican hair is different? Dominicans are nothing more than mulattos (even though they hate to admit that) and many have hair like black people. In fact their hair texture ranges just like ours. The heat…………that can be argued too. Black stylists use just as much heat IN ADDITION to the relaxer. Think about it…………..relaxer, wash out, mold hair, sit under the dryer until dry, blow out with paddle brush then flat iron. Dominicans………………….NO relaxer, wash, roll up, sit under the dryer, blowout, flat iron (which I tell them to skip) So not that big of a difference. It boils down to how YOU care for your hair. I’ve seen some blacks with some tore up heads going to American Blacks and some long hair black women going to Dominican Blacks. The customer is NOT debatable however. Black salons piss me off………….If I had a dollar for every time I made the appt and they were late and came in with no apology, or left me in the chair or under the dryer while they had they fried chicken or took cell phone calls or overbooked and had 3 people coming in 15 minutes apart, I’d be rich. I have looked high and low for professional black stylists and have tried to support black business for too long but their backwardness and lack of respect is finally biting them in their butts and they deserve EVERY ounce!


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