Reactions To “For Colored Girls”..

If you were one of the millions who saw “For Colored Girls”, take the poll and tell us what you liked and didn’t like about the film. Did Tyler Perry do the play any justice?


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  1. ImWipingMyA$$WitTheNextTPmovie
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 16:04:35

    Quick question??? Do we like this movie becuase of what its about, or do we feel obligated becuse its directed by a Black man??? We blk folk tend to promote other Blk ventures without real reason. I appreciate the support, but constructive criticism could be helpful. Its a remake, to a Choreopoem (thanks O Wisest TeasTer) and i would like to know if his movie did the original any justice?? I havent seen this, and dont plan on it either, so one of you will haev to answer for me??? Be honest, and not be blinded by the magic of Tyler Perry. Idoubt i’ll spend $10 to see it, but i wont wipe my A$$ wit the next TP movie if you persuade me 🙂


    • TeasTer
      Nov 08, 2010 @ 16:24:34

      I feel torn on this subject…the same way that I feel the film was torn in its adaptation, and the same way that I feel the black community might be torn on whether or not to support this film. There is apart of me that did not want to see it because I felt that Terry (as The Queen so affectionately refers to him) wouldn’t do the play justice. But the other half of me wanted to see it bc it is based off of one of of the most well written and poignant pieces of literature that I have ever read. Likewise, while there is that part of me that isn’t a particular fan of Terry, I can’t deny the impact that he is making on black people in the arts. The film provided some powerhouse performances from women that we often don’t get to see a lot of (as we know how hard it is for African Americans in Hollywood), and whose talent is often looked over in favor of less gifted, more well known actresses. Now, regarding the film itself, no I don’t think that it did the play any justice, and I didn’t expect it too. It came off more as a struggle between Terry’s melodrama, and Shange’s word/message. Its safe to say that the choreopoem worked well as a play and should have remained such. However, I won’t chalk this up as “just another TP film” because I feel that at least this time women will walk away with a better message than they would have from any other production that he may have done. (I still maintain that if more women just picked up the book, they’d get the same message, and maybe even more clearly, but we all know the likelihood of some people taking the time to read…so this film at least draws some attention towards what Shange was saying).


    • onthaTLCtip
      Nov 08, 2010 @ 16:28:34

      That’s a very good question. I think black people tend to support regardless of whether the movie was good or not. In particular I remember all the celebrities saying go support “Takers” even though the lineup wasn’t spectacular at all. Most of the actors were rappers, singers, and just mediocre talent. When I actually asked people how it was, they said it was “ok” and nothing great. I personally am not that interested to see the movie, especially since it has a background and i’d rather know what i’m about to watch. People keep telling me to see it but honestly i was never that excited about it..


  2. ImWipingMyA$$WitTheNextTPmovie
    Nov 08, 2010 @ 16:39:40

    TP should continue the sequel to R. Kelly’s popular series “In he closet” He seems like he would know alot about the subject. Hill Harper aka TP boo is the perfect height to play the midget that came out the cabinet in chapter 17. Dont worry about CopyRights TP, just let me get some of the credit for another Perry Materpiece and we all good!


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