Free (insert random rapper’s name)!!.. Why should we??

After all the “free weezy”, “free tip”, and now recent “free wiz” sightings, it has become more than frustrating to me. Why do these celebrities deserve to be free? So they can’t keep producing the music we all know and love? Nevermind the law and what they did was illegal, free them so we can continue to mimic their behavior and let them be our children’s role models so they will end up in the same predicaments as these people. It makes perfect sense.

I know after a long day at the office or even during work and the car right home we all like to bump a little (insert rapper’s name) to calm us down from the stress of ignorant people. We appreciate the music that they provide for us, but do they deserve special privileges because of it? We are all citizens, and I’m assuming we are all suppose to abide by the law. As of lately, the law has become more harsher on celebrities in order to prove a point that they aren’t special. At the same time, their sentences seem to be a little too hard, for example the sentence that Michael Vick was given. Where do we draw the line between what is reasonable and what is too harsh in order to prove a point?

We know that they are wrong, yet we give them going away parties and say “free them” until they are actually free, where they proceed to go about their lives the way were before. All the while they are still giving you the music you want to hear while being in jail. Nothing in there lives seems to change besides the fact that when they are in jail they can’t do everything they want. I’m going to use the most obvious example for my argument, T.I.

Now this man just spent over a year in jail. We spent that whole time telling T.I. to keep his head up, don’t let it get you down, etc, etc. He puts out inspirational music (Dead and Gone) explaining that he understands that he can’t continue the way he is going, and that he has a family to think about. He also proceeds to create a little documentary of MTV helping youth get their lives back on track. I don’t know about anybody else but I thought that we wouldn’t see anymore trouble out of him after being in jail. Suddenly just a few months after getting out of jail, dude and his new wife get arrested for marijuana possession?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! Wouldn’t it make sense to leave those things alone when you know that you are on parole and you are more likely to be searched and pulled over because of your status?? When things like that happen I continue to no longer feel bad for people. You deserve exactly what you get.

So when our favorite celebrities get arrested which diminishes our hopes for a new single and we proceed to say “free (insert rappers name)!!” think about this one: If you went to jail would anybody be saying “free (insert your name)!!?” I can tell you one thing, you’re favorite rapper definitely won’t be.

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