No One Man Can Have All That Power: Why the Miami Heat’s Three Headed Monster Won’t Work

who told them to do that? looks suspect to me..

Every since Lebron James announced his new home would be South Beach, and Chris Bosh committed as well, there has been a hype so strong about the powerhouse that the Miami Heat would be. Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh?? A three headed monster unlike no other that was predicted to take down any team in it’s path. So why isn’t this triple threat working?

1. No chemistry. It’s clear. They don’t know where each other is on the court at all and it shows with passes that get stolen or simply go out of bounds. It might also be that they haven’t played with each other that much during the summer. You can’t be that cocky and not have your stuff in order honestly. There should have been a clear work ethic over the summer before the season, but there were a lot of factors that prevented it from happening.

2. Too Much Hype. So there are three great basketball players here. Behind every great basketball player is a supporting team. You take the great players away from there supporting team and now they are back to square one, once again having to find reliable people to make them look great. There is a good possibility that these great basketball players might not be as good as they were before, or at least not right now.

3. Not Enough Power To Go Around. Nobody knows their role on this team. Everyone is use to being the star on their respective teams, so therefore neither one of these players are going to take the backseat to anyone. This was Dwayne Wade’s team. He might have thought that having his buddies around would make everything easier for him, but at the end of the day they are still an average team record wise. I don’t think Wade and James can co-exist on this team. Bosh just won’t be much of a factor. They are all so use to taking over the game, it’s going to take a while for their team roles to work themselves out, if they ever do.

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