What’s On Your Ipod?

So it’s been a while since we’ve talked about new albums and mixtapes. I can admit that I have been out of the loop for a little while but i’ve just stocked up my ipod with brand new material, so here is what i’ve got and what’s noteworthy to listen to. Let’s start with mixtapes:

J Cole has another mixtape out called Friday Night Lights. I haven’t been through the entire album yet but once again my absolute favorite song is “In The Morning” ft.Drake. I already loved this song from his previous mixtape but this one incorporates more piano and as a  piano player I could definitely appreciate it. I hope that he doesn’t become commercialized once he really gets big. I love Drake and all but I do feel that some of his material has become a little mainstream.

So Chris Brown released a new mixtape, In My Zone 2 last Friday. I absolutely loved the first release, and most of the songs I actually like better than the singles he has been putting out right now (cough cough Yeah 3x). Anyways because of the success of his first mixtape with two of the songs actually becoming full blown singles and gaining success, I think the same will happen with this new release. I haven’t gotten into this one yet but I’m sure it’s definitely one to check out.

On to Kanye West. Kanye released a mixtape, Good Dreams, before his highly anticipated album. Now I actually happen to be one of the few people on this planet that hasn’t been a fan of Kanye West lately, but I recognize good music when I hear it. As of right now I haven’t invested in his album (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) because honestly I haven’t even given the mixtape a real chance. From the reviews it seems to be a musical masterpiece but it’s all left up to the taste of the person in my opinion. Therefore I won’t give it a thumbs up or down, but I would suggest giving the mixtape a go before you pay the big bucks to get the album. Now on to noteworthy albums.

Like I just mentioned Kanye West has a new album out called My Dark Twisted Fantasy. Also Rihanna (Loud) and Nikki Minaj (Pink Friday)  also released new albums.

Currently the only one I have right now is Rihanna and I haven’t been able to get through the album because I have been stuck on the song “Man Down”. Anyways, if you need something new check all of these out.

If you are a little low on money, go for the mixtapes, sometimes they are a whole lot better than the albums. If you don’t know where to pick up mixtapes, I go to http://www.datpiff.com for all of my mixtape needs. Let me know which ones you like the best!


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