Heartaches For America..

Your girl was out of commission last week handling greater things my CT followers, but I’m glad I am able to come back and share a few things with you. My place of employment held a national conference last week and while I was completely exhausted and wiped out, I can truly say that it literally flipped my whole perspective on things. Its great to actually see where your hard work goes to in a broader perspective with people all over the country. Anyways, let me get to the point.

I had some free time so I decided to sit in on a workshop about Homelessness in America. Now we see homeless people all the time and it kind of threw me off because it wasn’t necessarily the main focus of the conference, but I think that this one workshop enlightened me more than anything else. I got a chance to see how much money the government and congress set aside for homeless resources, displaced veterans, and rural housing programs in general. Each year the amount of funded money for housing dramatically decreases while the amount set aside for weapons of destruction doubles in amount. In a few years there will be no funds for homelessness and rural development. Where are the priorities in America??

Now I’m definitely not a professional in this field, but the numbers don’t lie; people do. How can you place so much money into weapons and then leave the men and women who have served for you on the streets? Your killing the people of this country and then you bring them back and expect them to be the same?

My heart aches for a country that tries to be superman to every other country on this planet but can’t save its own people. America thrives on the purpose of its people. Without the people there is no America; yet we kill and destroyed them daily like they are dispensable.

How do we live in a country where everything is literally going downhill before your eyes? It’s like watching something terrible happen in slow motion and not being able to do a thing about it. The very fabric of this country is unraveling down to the principles of the Constitution. Although things might not be as clear cut as before, common decency for people, equality for all, and the protection for the people of this country should never have to change.

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