Complaining Only Makes It Worse…

The Washington Redskin’s Albert Hanesworth complained all season about how he didn’t want to play in the new defense. Recently, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reed and starting quarterback Mike Vick are complaining about the tough hits Vick takes because he is a mobile quarterback. What did complaining do in both situations??….only make it worse. Sometimes I think players are just becoming divas, only playing when they want to play and complaining about hard hits. If something isn’t going your way, you do something so that no one will try you again.

Where did complaining get Hanesworth? got him suspended the rest of the season with no pay, which means he is loosing about 847 million dollars. That seems like a lot of money right?? Well, it’s chump change to him seeing as he is expecting a 5.5 million dollar bonus in April of next year. What does he loose?..his credibility as a player. No one is going to take a player that will refuse to play if it isn’t a style his is accustomed to. Although he probably feels as though he got over on the Redskins, he won’t be thinking it for long when no one picks him up. Another sad thing about the situation is that although he hated playing in the position, he was for the few games he decided to participate, very effective. I think the fact that he didn’t even want to see how he could make a difference hindered his efforts to produce any real results. Goodbye Albert, I know you won’t be a Skin next season.

Oh Mike Vick, you have become one of the hottest players in the league. You are exceptional not only because of your incredible arm, but your ability to move outside the pockets and prolong the play. You run through the defense at will picking up big yards as if it is nothing. Wait, that sounds more like a running back right? I’m sorry, I actually have no sympathy for Mike Vick complaining to the league about the hard hits he is taking. You committed to being a quarterback first. The minute you decide to take off and run the ball you become a runner, and therefore can be tackled any way necessary in order to get you down. Andy Reed also mentioned the fact that if it were Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, then flags would be called, and its true. The difference is that Brady nor Manning run with the ball half of the time, they are true throwers. On the other hand, Manning and Brady are the coverboys of the NFL so a lot of things will go their way. Also, when you continue to destroy defenses every week with your constant out of the pocket plays, they will purposely gun for you, proving that you won’t do the same thing to them. So what does this mean Micheal Vick? It means that you show them why you’re Micheal Vick. Find a way to be effective. Stop whinning, they’re just going to go after you more.

Here is a visual to go along with Vick’s case. I’m on the fence about it because yes he was on the sideline but you also don’t know if he was going out of bounds or just riding the line. Either way, he was still hit in bounds so no foul was called.

You make the call. Does it warrant a foul? Unnecessary roughness?

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