For the Men: SIX Things Women Say That Should Get the Side-Eye

CNN recently posted an article by Susannah Breslin entitled, “Six Things Men Say That Signals Trouble.” I thought the article was pretty accurate and quite hilarious. A lot of relationship articles in the past have been geared towards women, so I figured I would help the fellas out today with a list of phrases your lady might say that signals trouble. TROUBLE, meaning, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but should throw up a warning flag to make you aware that something isn’t quite right.

1. “They’re just friends.” Granted, every woman has a few male friends, but typically when a woman is a relationship, these men fall back because they know of her situation. Now, if you find her texting the night away when these said “friends” or they’re meeting up for “lunch” every week,  its time to start asking some questions.

2. “Can you co-sign for this?” Some might beg to differ, but if I am cosigning for anyone, we’re on the track to marriage  or we’re already married. Co-Signing for anyone is a MAJOR deal, it could be a benefit for you or in most cases, a detriment to your credit. If you guys have been in a relationship less than a year and she’s already pressing you to co-sign something for her—> WARNING FLAG!

3. “Kids, say hi to uncle (insert your name)”‘ The fact that she has told her kids to address you as “uncle” signifies that she’s done this before and she has no intentions of keeping you around too long. Depending on your intentions with the woman, bringing you around her children early and then having them refer to you as “uncle” is not responsible on her part as a mother. In addition, it  doesn’t benefit the children if they become too attached when you are only there to hit and quit (sadly).

4.”Oh this, it’s just a cold sore.” If it’s just a cold sore” and it appears every three months, run for the hills and stop at the free clinic on your way there.

5. “I’m just saying,  I should come first.” If your girl says this and says this often, this indicates that she’s probably self-absorbed and pretty selfish. Also, women who say this are typically possessive as well.  If she gets jealous over your other friendships and your relationship with your family, it’s definitely time to throw in the towel or at least re-evaluate where you want to take the relationship.

6. Any other name during sex. ERRRR, SELF-EXPLANATORY! Please believe someone else is re-upholstering that ish. SMH

Am I missing anything??? Add your own in the comment section!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sexyblackgemini
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 14:08:25

    Lmao.. I completely agree with this. Most women (as well as men) should definitely look for warning signs/clues when getting into a relationship…especially if the other person is asking for them to cosign something. O hell naw! But I must say that these warning signs most definitely apply to men as well (especially the co signing)


  2. Outspoken
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 17:09:17

    I can relate well to this article. I have been in friendships where I thought there was the potential for a relationship, but then I get categorized as Uncle G……uncle G…gtfoh with that. Why would any man want that title from some girl you like who in my case had baby father drama. Fail! Epic actually. Also, I find that both women and men have learned how to game their friends per say. Example…person a likes person b. Person b finds out and decides I can ride this gravy train til the end. This includes dinner, movies, etc….tell me I am not telling the truth. Please comment.


  3. DA
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 19:12:52

    Nice heads up article, especially #2…#3 though…LMAO….


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