CT Presents: 2010-The In’s, Out’s & All Other Special Moments

We waited until the last day of the year to finally put our heads together to give you some of 2010’s most special moments. Whether you’re on your way to a warm destination, VEGAS, or staying put, CoffyTalk wishes you a happy and VERY SAFE new year! As hustle man Diddy would say, “drink responsibly.” Don’t be the dude getting tossed out of the club or the chick stumbling out of the club-NOT A GOOD LOOK. Oh, and special shout-out to all the folks hitting up the early church service before hitting the club *side-eye* at least you’re getting your praise on so I can’t complain.

So enjoy the festivities and expect big things from CoffyTalk in 2011, ya’ll come back now, ya’here???

Presented by Teaster, T.L.C. and The Queen

Trends of 2010

  1. Thinking that Barack Obama is some kind of “magical messiah”.
  2. Dumb Rapper Routine-Aren’t we all tired of hearing about rappers getting arrested over dumb ish? Driving backwards down one way streets with expired licenses and a bag of weed in the car? As ludicrous as that sounds so are these arrests. Get it together
  3. Twitter/Facebook beefs.
  4. The iPad..you can’t deny it’s greatness
  5. Black Women as the Scapegoat- I’m tired of hearing why we’re not getting men and how many pregnancies we’re aborting, etc. Let’s leave the blame game in 2010, and offer more solutions in 2011.
  6. $69.99 everything deal with Sprint

Things that are totally kewl for 2011: 

  1.  The return of real rappers, like Lauryn Hill and the rising popularity of other musicians like Marsha Ambrosius, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, and Ryan Leslie, music will hopefully get more creative and original again.
  2. Using social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook for advancement.
  3. More Financial Education -Obama can only do so much! Read up on how to make your money grow and save up!
  4. Glamourizing teenage pregnancy is no bueno. In 2010 the hit MTV show became more popular over the drama instead of bringing  awareness to the trend.
  5. Bring REALITY back to “Reality” shows- Stop being fake, rehearsed and scripted and let’s start getting real….again.
  6. Less Divorces! Let’s stay together! Marriage should become significant again and become more than just an insititution recognized by the state. C’mon people, lets bring back the love. That’s what we all really need.



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