Health Tip (Kinda): Why I Decided To Go Natural

If you didn’t already know, the women of CT are uniquely in three stages of haircare management; relaxed, transitioning, and natural. January 1,2011 marks my one year anniversary of transitioning into natural hair. “Transitioning” is the term used for when you are growing out your natural hair along with your relaxed hair. It has been an experience like no other and I just felt the need to share my own personal story of why I decided to take the step and go natural.

I actually tried going natural after I graduated. At the time I wasn’t educated about the management it would require and sadly gave up after a short time. A lot of people decide to go natural because they wish for a longer length that they just cant accomplish with relaxed hair. I have never had an issue with length; my hair has been past my shoulders since childhood, so for me it was wanting a change. I was tired of the hair salons and getting relaxers every few weeks; I wanted something different.

Everything we place on our skin and hair all seep into our bodies. Therefore, all of the chemicals you place on your body and in your hair make it into your bodies. I decided that I wanted to limit the amount of chemicals or harsh impurities in my body. It’s really that simple; I didnt decide to go natural because its starting to become a fad because honestly I was trying it when it wasn’t popular. Many people don’t understand why I have decided to do this because I have long hair; because it’s not to please anyone but me.

Anyone want to share their own personal hair struggles? If you guys would like I can talk more about my routine and the natural products I use, just leave some feedback!

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  1. CoatofHarms
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 01:00:20

    Yay for natural hair! I love when people assume that all women go natural for superficial reasons. For some of us, the decision really is based on more practical reasons like health, money or the sake of simplicity. People had a hard time understanding why I was going natural because I never had a problem growing longer hair. It wasn’t about looks for me–it really is just a lot easier (for me) to be natural. I do think that the natural hair has had somewhat of a domino effect in my life in that I find myself exploring natural health/beauty remedies/tips a lot more than I used to lol.


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