Ode to the Men: ’cause T.L.C. cares, if don’t nobody else care..

Love me some Derwin!

The battle between men and women has become even more fiercer throughout the years. Mars vs. Venus. What has the product been? Generations of women with broken hearts and lack of confidence in men; and men never being able to live down the stereotype of being a “player” no matter what they do. Never fear my brothers, I haven’t lost faith in you.

I’m one of the women who knows that good men are few and far in between to find; but they ARE there. I may get discouraged when one of you breaks my heart, but I have the understanding that heartbreak can work both ways, and I will try my hardest not to bring my past into my future if you do the same. Women are just as devious as men are; let’s not get it twisted.

So how do we expect men to prove themselves to us if we never give them a chance? Ladies let’s be honest, our hearts have been broken so many times that it’s hard for us to let another man in. We create these almost indestructible barriers that make it impossible to get through. It’s OK to be cautious, but don’t be so cautious that you begin to miss out on wonderful opportunities. Life is about experiences; and all of your wrong choices will bring you to your right.  I always say that if he is the right man for you, he will break through all of them.

It’s hard for men out here, having to constantly fight the negative social norms of how they will eventually act and treat women. How do you win a battle you’ve already lost? Just like the song goes.. “it’s a man’s world..” but most of the time it’s dependent on a woman.

To the brothers who are living right, I salute you. To the chivalrous men, continue to fight the good fight.  For the brothers who want to be judged on themselves and not the previous one or every other “player” on the street, make her see the difference. Build your own path so that there will never be any doubt of who you are.

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  1. si1ent_h
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 04:02:53

    Excellent post!!!!!!! Kudos, especially for the last paragraph.


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