For The Love of Everything “Boughetto”

Boughetto: combination of being bougie (snobby) and ghetto

(Urban Dictionary)

Here’s one of the posts that I often have that are completely politically incorrect and I have no apologies for what I am about to write. I could lace this entire post with “Phaedraisms,” but I figured that the picture above explains it all since she could very well be the poster child. In my lifetime, I’ve been called numerous things, good and bad I’m sure, but I’ve never self-proclaimed anything, until now. In fact, I’ve lived this lifestyle pretty much my whole life, thanks to my mother, so I’m pretty positive it’s hereditary. I think its wonderful living the boughetto lifestyle; it’s the best of both worlds to be ghetto and bougie. I secretly love to see that one ghetto person at the stuffy events piling on too much food in the buffet line or the bougie chick that comes into the ghetto salon just to get a simple wash and press. To be black, no one really wants to be called, “ghetto,” in fact, no one wants to live in the ghetto per se, but living in the ghetto does have some perks, and one of them is that the lifestyle builds survivor instincts like nothing else. Naivety is non-existent and would you really want to go toe-to-toe with some whose ghetto colors are clearly showing????? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

At the same time, to be a black and female and to be called “bougie” has the same effect as being called, “stuck-up.” It might sting initially- however, I’ve come to the conclusion, that 9 times of out 10, if you REALLY think about this, those who label you this or have in the past are either: (a) ghetto themselves or (b) just someone who tried to holla, you gave them ZERO play and their just salty because the ego was crushed. Like I said before, being called “bougie” or even “ghetto” might sting, but at the end of the day, in both cases, you do receive some level of respect. C’mon, you know this, I’m just the first to admit it.

I experienced these lifestyles all my life, but to now live where they can co-exist is a wonderful thing. Hell, I have even given these two sides of me names. However, this feeling was just too much to handle as a watched Basketball Wives last night and found myself trying to choose a side. Yes, the show was beyond a snooze last season, but thanks to Tami, I’m an avid watcher now. Imagine me, as I watched the tussle between Jennifer, “Let’s Stay Together” Willliams and Tami “That’s What You Not Gon’ Do” Roman, go down. I was in personality purgatory. I wanted nothing more than for Tami to snatch Jennifer up after the, “In middle school, my father picked me up everyday in his Porsche” comment. My ghetto side raged and cried, “Tami whoop that azz.” Though, I could also relate to how Jennifer felt as Tami, on H.A.M status after the few drinks, charged her over something that wasn’t that serious. My bougie side thought, “Who is this ratchetness that stands in front of Jennifer? Just remain calm.”

If you’re wondering, I never did choose sides-I stayed neutral because I am BOUGHETTO of course!! In all, I know I am not the only person out there that thinks this way. I’m sure there are others, even men, and I would love to hear all of your boughetto experiences.

Signing off,

The QUEEN, aka Shug Avery aka Ivanka Rothschild

“He’s the only OB/Gyn I’d let touch my vagina” ….I couldn’t resist

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