Let’s Talk About It: President Obama’s Speech at the Tucson Memorial Service


Five days ago, our country was rocked with the news that six people–including a federal judge–had been killed, and 13 individuals–including a U.S. Congresswoman–had been wounded at an event outside of a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. Yesterday, President Barack Obama addressed the nation at a memorial held for the victims. Here at CT, our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected by this horrible tragedy. The following are the things that we took away from our president’s inspirational message.

TeasTer’s reflections:

“But what we can’t do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. That we cannot do. ” Words to live by. I loved this speech. In a time where many of us are finding cause for blame, and trying to figure out what went wrong, and why…we have forgotten the importance of coming together in the face of tragedy. Its so easy for us to see the face of the man that took away so many innocent lives, and loathe him. But it will do nothing to help heal the scars left behind by this horrific incident. “So sudden loss causes us to look backward – but it also forces us to look forward, to reflect on the present and the future, on the manner in which we live our lives and nurture our relationships with those who are still with us.” If there is anything that we should take away from this catastrophe, it should be the positive notion that we can be better. Maybe our gun laws should be re-examined, perhaps there is something that we can do about the state of the mental health system here. But whatever changes need to be made, they should be made with the idea to help, and heal, not to hurt and point fingers. Obama is right. We should grow to cherish the “now” and those that are still with us today, no matter what misfortunes have occurred in the past. It is better for us to honor those who lost their lives by being a better nation and a stronger group of people, than by searching for someone, or something to attack.

TLC’s reflections:

My favorite line of the speech was, “we can’t rid the world of evil, but we can change the way we treat each other.” I think President Obama wasn’t just talking about this tragedy, but everything that is going on right now between Democrats and Republicans. It seems like this country only wants to come together in a tragedy and then go at each other again once the mourning has passed. Why do we need a tragedy to bring us together? America is one of the most unique countries in the world because we hold so many different cultures within one nation. There are too many different ideas and inspirations not be to one of the strongest nations; but yet we let our differences of opinion affect the greater good of everyone. We need to learn to be compassionate with one another and not be so quick to judge.  I believe that this was the best speech Pres. Obama has made since his inauguration because I felt the emotions in his words. When he talked about the 9 yr old girl, it felt as though he were talking about his own children. When he talked about treating one another like you would want to be treated, it felt as though he was experiencing it. When he talked about holding on to your loved ones now before they are gone, it felt as though he was talking about loved ones that he has lost. Hopefully one day this country learns to care every day about one another, and not just when we loose a fellow American in a tragedy. God has blessed that congresswoman because she is expected to make a 100% recovery.



What are your thoughts on our President’s address?? Lets speak on it!!

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