Should You Believe In The Zodiac?

Most of us enjoy reading our horoscopes in the newspaper and seeing how much validity it will have in our day. With the recent emergence of a new zodiac, I begin to question the trueness of it at all. I am on the fence about horoscopes; I don’t necessarily believe in them but at the same time I like reading them every morning and in some way let it have some influence in my day. We know our zodiac sign simply by our birth date but most people don’t know how far zodiacs go back in history. Here is an excerpt from detailing the origin of our zodiac signs:

“Horoscopes and astrology originated with the ancient Greeks, who were sure that a person’s life was pre-determined and predictable by the positioning of certain heavenly bodies (sun and moon) and constellations present at the time of a person’s birth. The practice of reading horoscopes spread throughout the world and through the centuries into the 1600’s, when a man named William Lilly made it more acceptable to churchgoers by calling it “Christian Astrology”.

Horoscope history relates to the history of the world. Astrology and its predictions have preceded formal education, books, printing, and other modern methods of communication and learning. Over time, each civilization used these “markers” in the sky as time clocks for planting crops and predicting weather. When star patterns, or constellations, were named the practice of astrology and predictive horoscope readings really began as what we know it to be today.

A basic horoscope is related to a person’s birth time, date, and year as well as during which of the twelve Zodiac segments the birth occurs. The year is divided into twelve parts, each named after a different constellation that is prevalent in the sky. Each Zodiac “sign” has both positive and negative characteristics. Horoscopes are customized according to exactly where within the Zodiac segment the birth date and time occur, or what sign you fall under. If the birth date falls near an adjacent sign, the horoscope sign is said to be on the cusp. Horoscope signs (constellation positions) were used in history as a way to foretell the future not only of individuals, but of countries and even the future of the world.”

The new zodiac added is called Ophiuchus(don’t ask me to pronounce that), which falls on the dates November 29th-December 17th. There isn’t too much information about the sign out right now but it is the only sign linked to a real man, Imhotep. Does the name sound familiar? If you were thinking The Mummy movies then you are correct! Accoring to history, one of Imhotep’s abilities was healing and it was said that he was the one that introduced it to mankind. The serpent/snake symbol that is used in the medical profession today was also used to represent Imhotep in the past.

So what do you believe? Many say that the zodiac isn’t valid in our calender, and others say that the zodiac was always there but we never acknowledged it until now. Confusion doesn’t prove anything to me.


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