Things That Make Me Go GRRRRRRR

It’s amazing how a cold can just appear out of nowhere in a matter of hours. I was fine yesterday morning cleaning up to Spice Girls radio (don’t side-eye, I highly recommend it) and today I feel like crap. Nevertheless, I have the cold tablets on deck and prepared to battle this cold out. Like others, when I get sick or even feel as though I am coming down with something I get irritable.Like irritable, irritable???? LIKE PMS IRRITABLE!

I don’t want to be bothered. Period. (Pun intended)

So while sitting up in my room (Brandy’s melody), I decided to think of all the things that piss me the hell off are my biggest pet peeves.

1. Yes, I am having a bad hair day, so don’t stare. I hate to see someone, whether at work or on an outing , staring at my mane when it obviously looks a hot mess. Even when I recognized that I am on HAM status, they continue to stare as if I don’t know my hair is uncooperative. Ugh..

2. Back up off me at the counter. If I know what flavor gum you’re chewing, then you are too close to me, back the eff up.

3. Beating around the bush. Do you need a ride? Do you need a few bucks? If so, stop with the fake small talk and just cut to the chase.

4. Thirsty women. You know the ones that made it their business to know all of the jocks in school? Or the ones that do wayyyyyyy too much flirting with the guy that’s interested in you? Yea them.

5. You gon’ wash yo’ hands bruh? Didn’t you just come from outside on a smoke break? You think because you wiped your nose with your arm that doesn’t count? And those gloves don’t mean nothing, wash your hands before you fix my steak sammich.

6. Ill-mannered emails– At work, I take emails like a traditional conversation. Meaning, if I didn’t wake up to you last night, then I need you to speak when you send an email. For example, if someone whom you generally don’t talk to just walked up to you talking, with no “hello,” or “hey” before they proceed to talk, a side-eye will ensue. There needs to be some sort of salutation before I see the body of your email.

7. Bragging– There’s a fine line between informing someone of your accomplishments and achievements and just plain ole’ bragging. Like my grandma says, “you can always tell who ain’t ever had nothing.”

8. People with messed up priorities– Now, we all had a messed up priority moment, but if it becomes a habit, then it’s a problem. Don’t tell me how you just paid $200 for that new phone or to get your hair done and your bills are on DELINQUENT status.

9. B*tch a** men- Yea, I said it! This past summer, I witnessed the most b*tch a** thing in the history of bitchassness. At an outdoors concert, it began to rain. As it began to pour, I noticed how this man pulled out an umbrella, stuck it on the back of his chair while his dumbassgirl, date, proceeded to get drenched in the rain. That would have been my cue to leave. No b*tch a** ness men, read up on being chivalrous.

10. The “Woe is Me” folks- I’ll admit, sometimes I think I lack empathy. I believe that certain things are preventable. Therefore, I shouldn’t feel the need to reach for tissues to cry along with you. With the woe is me folks, my apathy is justified. They tend to concentrate on the worst possible scenario and stay on that for eternity.  They can’t see themselves thinking optimistically about anything and because of that, my newsfeed and timelines suffers.

I have plenty more, (ex. teenagers in movie theaters), but I figure I’d give you all the task of coming up with some, what are your biggest pet peeves?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Eazye757
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 15:02:32

    I’m on the same boat I got a cold out of nowhere and it won’t go away!(although I haven’t taken anything for it either go figure) one of my biggest pet peves is when you in a rush driving and the person in front of you stops and wait the yellow light out instead of taking it…bastards


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