It’s Black History Month, Now What?

It’s February 1st! So you know what that means…..PAYDAY!!!! Today marks the beginning of  Black History Month. You can probably expect more “good” stories of us on your local news and a Soledad O’ Brien CNN special. For the kiddies, they can expect to do a report, or participate in a play, but what about us adults? We’ve done the reports, we’ve read (I hope) the literature, but what can we do to really honor our culture and history this month?  Sure, there’s been the debate whether or not Black History should only be designated for celebration during one month, or questions why its designated in the shortest month of the year, but HEY, give Carter G. some credit here. It’s not written in stone that black history should not be celebrated throughout the year, this is just the month that  it is ACKNOWLEDED nationally.

Back to the question at hand, how should our blog properly celebrate Black History Month? While we here at CoffyTalk discuss various issues affecting the black community on a daily basis, we would still like to acknowledge the month, so we need your feedback.

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