Our President Is Reponsible For This Country, Not Just One Race…

This topic has annoyed me ever since President Obama has taken office, and clearly after almost two years into his presidency the issue still remains. Why do black people feel as though Pres. Obama owes us special treatment because of our race? While browsing online I came across an article mentioning Diddy, who believes that Pres. Obama could be doing more for black people, hence the reason why he campaigned so hard behind him to win his presidency.

“I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American…”

So let’s dissect this quote right here. First off I believe that the our president is doing a pretty good job considering the obstacles he has had to face. He has had opposition from the Republicans and Tea Party on just about every issue he has tried to resolve. Granted he has made mistakes, but no person is perfect; but clearly this country believed that out of all of the competition he was the best person for the job.

I absolutely don’t believe that God ordained his presidency just to save black people and I think its ridiculous and ignorant to make that assumption. He was not born to be the black messiah. Being president means that you don’t show favoritism but you do what you can to save the country as a whole. Also, to make the assumption that black people are the most people in need in this country is also crazy. There are rich and poor black people, and the same goes for every other race. Every race has an issue, and just because Obama is black doesn’t mean black people are suppose to come first.

Why do we as black people always believe that we are owed something? Slavery ended a long time ago. Although racism still exist today, we have the ability to change our outcome. Stop blaming shortcomings on someone else and just continue to work harder to get the things that you want. President Obama doesn’t owe me anything except for doing the best he can to run this country.

Lastly, how can I have respect for a person who supposedly spent 1 million dollars in the club with Rick Ross. Come on Diddy, you really have no credibility with me. If you really think that something you say will change the president’s agenda, you might just be called an asshole off camera too.

If you want to read the full article, hit the link below:

Diddy On Obama: Calls Out President, Asks To ‘Do Better’ For Black People

How do you all feel about Diddy trying to call out Obama?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Justina
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 22:14:28

    This is definitely something that a lot of people have been thinking (and were thinking before he was even announced as President, which is why they voted for him). I think it is utterly RIDICULOUS! He is the President of the United States of America… Not the NAACP or United Negro College Fund. He runs a country, not a club. He is in his position to bring equality to all persons of America, not just black people. I think for Diddy to say what he said shows how black people always feel they are owed something, but don’t want to do the work to get there. We have to take what we are given and set our own paths in motion. He has set in motion a plan to give all people quality healthcare (that helps black people). He is telling people to become quality teachers so all children can have quality education (this is definitely a plus for black communities because they are the ones hit hard by lack of teachers or teachers who care). I think if people opened their eyes to the things going on and see how it benefits them, rather than waiting for a “Black People, This Is For You” speech from Obama, they will see that he is doing things to better all people of this country and these things are definitely helping black Americans.


    • coffytalk
      Feb 04, 2011 @ 00:30:03

      I love that “Black People, This Is For You” speech phrase! I feel that even if Obama laid out a speech that easily stated things black people would probably find some fault or still not be satisfied. On the other hand Obama does that in general and people still find fault. You can’t please everyone. *TLCshrug*


    • CoatofHarms
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 23:55:21

      Agree agree AGREE!! And to add to that, people in general really need to learn about the structure of government and how laws and regulations are made. The President has to have A LOT of people on-board to get anything done. If you had a House that was majority black and a Senate with 60 black people, THEN people might have a little more ground to stand on when they’re talking about how he’s “not doing anything for black people” (not that it would be accurate/acceptable in that situation either). The man has a long to-do list and I’m sure helping black people is on there somewhere after “Refrain from kickin N. Korea’s ass” and “How the hell do we get the Chinese to forgive our megafamillion-dollar debt?”.


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