Finance Corner: How Are You Doing Your Taxes This Year?

If you’re my age, which is young, you’ve been in the filing taxes game for a couple years now. I handle my taxes myself thanks to my mother being as dependent as she is. Most people are completely clueless as to how to file their taxes, so they take them to H&R Block and pay an extreme amount of money. At this point in your life, you shouldn’t have too many things to file, which means that there really is no need to be paying outrageous amounts to file your taxes. If you want to handles this years filing on your own, T.L.C. suggests these two online software programs for your needs:


This is the software I was using in the beginning up until this year.



This is the software that I used this year; which is probably the one that I am going to stick with.


Both programs run similar. They each come with different options in the form of free, basic, and some kind of premium. You shouldn’t have too many things to file so basic or free should work decent. This year was actually the first year I used basic only because it was a new program I was trying out. In both programs, you get to file your federal taxes for free but your state taxes cost. They are both very straight forward but I tend to lean more to Turbotax only because the language is slightly more basic than Taxact, which means there is no way you could really miss anything that you need to include.

The main aspect that really amazed me about Turbotax is that they were able to pull my W2 from my job’s payroll system; meaning I didn’t have to put a thing in; i just double checked all of the numbers to make sure they were the same as the hard copy that I had. Everything was correct!

H&R Block takes your money just to do these simple things yourself. I encourage you all to try filing your taxes yourself while it’s still easy. Once your married, get involved in real estate, and start needing to itemize things, then go ahead and take it to someone else; but for right now if you have simple filing needs, don’t waste your time.


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  1. CoatofHarms
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 02:18:20

    turbotax. i got a bigger return from them last year than taxact


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