A Little Hard Work Won’t Kill You..

We like to multi-task. We get more things done when we juggle more than one objective at one time. Multi-tasking saves time. Just because you are “accomplishing” more than one thing, doesn’t mean the outcomes are effective. So you ask, “Where are you going with this?” When it comes to our health, we try to find the thing that will help us the quickest, for instance the Sketchers/Adidas rounded shoe soles that supposedly help shape and tone your butt and calves. Yes, they do have some effect on your body but truth be told, they will not produce the results that you want. Marketing teams create these images of you being able to knock this aspect of exercising out of your routine. Your wearing the shoes expecting for your legs to tone; great. The catch is that if you don’t really walk in the first place except for where you are going, it wont be effective anyways. What’s the solution? Take yourself on to a gym and work it out!

It doesn’t take much time guys.

Every adult should have at least 30 minutes of activity a day; whether it be brisk walking or any type of activity. If you want weight lost, then it’s obvious that you will have to put in more activity than 30 minutes to be effective.

Calories burned vs. Calories consumed. This is the grand equation to weight lost. If you burn more calories than you consume in one day you will loose weight.

We are still young, therefore it is still fairly easy to manipulate our bodies into what we want them to be. The older in age we get, the harder it will be to get in the kind of shape we would like.

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