Do You Have Toxic Relationships?

Recently in a church service, a minister started to touch upon the topic of toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are bonds you have between people that aren’t good for you and eventually create a toxicity within yourself. Now a toxic relationship doesn’t have to be just romantic relationships; this can be relationships between family, friends, and in the workplace. How do we identify whether a relationship is toxic to ourselves and the things we want to accomplish? Let’s take a look a different types of toxic relationships.

Toxic boyfriend/girlfriend. This person has to be your center of attention. Their need to be your center of attention literally brings you into their bubble, leaving everything associated with your identify behind. All of a sudden you’re not hanging out with your friends anymore. People start to see a change in you. The family reunions that you are never absent from start to become few and far in between with your attendance. Soon, it’s just you and that person, and your ambitions start to become contingent upon that person. You start to think that you can’t do any better than this person; that he or she is the best you will ever do and you have to hold on to dear life for this person. Your dreams are no longer yours but the dreams of another.

Toxic friends. Toxic friends are those friends that aren’t on board with the progression of your aspirations and goals. They never seem to be happy about the things you are doing. Their lives tend to always revolve around drama; therefore bringing the drama into your life. They never have anything pleasant to say or talk about. Although you try to comfort and support them, your help never seems to be enough; and your concern for them overshadows you’re own objectives.

Toxic family members. The families members that can never be happy with anything you are doing; matter of fact they encourage you to just settle with where you are at now. Some are  jealous that you are accomplishing more things that they will ever in life causing personal resentment and jealousy. This resentment in turn makes you feel some type of way because at the end of the day they are your family; and it hurts the most when you experience negative  opinions from them.

Toxic co-workers. Co-workers that are constantly looking for you to confide in and gossip. They tell you these things about other people in the office which in turn changes your own personal perspective about the individual. This change of opinion can hinder you’re own personal advancement. Also, this person is probably not the most approachable person in the office meaning if you are associated with that person, others will shy away. Understand the dynamics in the office and where that person seems to fall.

Any of the relationships sound familiar? All of these types of relationships can hinder you’re own personal growth and advancement.

Any other types of toxic relationships you can identify? Let’s hear them!

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