Daddy’s Little Girl..

While working one of my many side gigs, I got a chance to be at a marvelous event. The event was strictly for fathers and daughters only. The purpose was the give fathers and their daughters an opportunity to be together and spend quality time; time that usually is scarce with working, school, and just the hustle and bustle of life. It was such an amazing sight to see, and you could see the love between the relationship of a father and daughter.

One story in particular caught my attention. A gentleman was being recognized because he was a single father of four children. He is an entrepreneur and all of his children are well beyond average in their studies. As a single parent he finds a way to be there for his children. Out of his acceptance speech the lines that stuck with me were, “I don’t have to do much, they just make me look good. I wake up in the morning and I love my children.”

What has happened to the relationship between a father and daughter? Just as a boy learns how to love his future wife by the way he treats and respects his mother, the same goes for a young lady. Young girls will always learn the best way to love their significant other from the relationship they have with their fathers. Nowadays, most girls don’t grow up with the influence of a male figure therefore they don’t know how to allow a man to treat her. She doesn’t understand the respect she should have for herself because she never had a father that respected and loved her enough to be around.

It was wonderful to see fathers dancing with their daughters and making them feel extra special. It reinforces the notion that regardless of how much life gets in the way, you’re daddy will always love you. He will be the sustaining factor in your life of strength. It was truly nice to see that the father/daughter relationship still exists in our society.

Ladies, got any special stories about your father you would like to share that has made him such a powerful force in your upbringing?

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