Want A Faster Way To Fame? Just Make A Sex Tape/Nude Photo/ Drink Tiger Blood..

Having a hard time finding your niche in Hollywood? Do you need just a little push to put you into the superstar stratosphere? Try what celebrities are doing now: make a sex tape and let it find its way to being public, take a nude photo…or simply talk about trolls and tiger blood!

Ok let’s be real here, I’m pretty sure no celebrity wants to have a sex tape or nude photo released but ultimately it always seems to work to their advantage. They take the unfortunate situations and turn it around to attract more attention from the public. And in some situations like Charlie Sheen, our stupidity will turn from controversy to just plain…duh-winning! We’ll get back to him later though…let’s look at some examples..

The Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape. This tape got crazy press and the most interesting part is that the whole controversy occurred during the filming of a reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardasians” which follows the lives of the Kardashian family. It was clear from Kim’s reaction on the show that she never intended for the tape to be seen by anyone else. From that point on though Kim Kardashian’s fame seemed to increase; not because she was a victim in the situation but because of….well I think you can figure that part out LOL. The point is even thought the situation was really bad, in the end it worked out favorably for her. She has gotten more and more opportunities because of her heightened sex appeal and “publicity”. I’m not condoning how her fame increased but honestly, it is what it is.

Chris Brown’s nude photo. I think we have seen numerous nude photos leaked in the past few months but Chris Brown’s is fresh off the internet press. Apparently he was sending his ex-boo a picture and I don’t really know what was the point in sending her a naked photo if yall not together but hey, do you. Think about this though, it’s pretty interesting that this “scandal” happens right before this album is set to release on March 22 which is titled “Fame”…go figure. It seems as though nude photos are just not surprising anymore to the public. We have seen everything from political figures to famous singers/rappers have pictures leaked to the public. You would think you would be more careful with the company you keep or who you piss off.

Charlie Sheen point blank. I’m not even going to lie I had never  heard about Charlie Sheen until all of his insane antics became of such interest and I think the fact that I now know who he is proves my whole point. Clearly the man has lost something along the way but once again, it wouldn’t be American-like not to be entertained off of someone’s ridiculous behavior. Between the tiger blood, winning and bi-winning, and trolls who create cell phones it just leaves one question to be answered….ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!! Of course you are and I think I can speak for most people when I say I’m enjoying every minute of it. Matter of fact I’m laughing as I type this right now. The end product here is plain and simple, Charlie Sheen is getting more exposure than he has in years..he made a twitter account and reached 1 million followers within 24 hours. I’ll just leave you guys with one of my favorite lines of Mr. Sheen:

‎”I am on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available, if you try it once you will die.”


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