Whatever Happened To Real Music??

I’m at that age where I know a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about the past, but I am still in tune with the present. Having a foot in two eras almost, it reminds me even more of the direction real music is heading.

Where are all my 80s babies!

How many of yall miss the music that had depth?… Music where lyrics actually had meaning besides doing things with no hands?? What ever happened to the Jodeci’s, the Boyz II Men’s, the Aaliyah’s??? I miss the days of the music where words were more important than the actual beat and base of the song; the two elements harmonized to create a wonderful experience. Nowadays I find myself listening to more music from back in the day than the present. The songs of the present are good for your “getting hype to go out music”, but when I want my music of substance I take it back to the 80s-90s.

Here are a couple of my favorite back in the day songs:

Knocking da Boots- H-Town

Come And Talk To Me- Jodeci

Love Of My Life- Brian McKnight

Human Nature- Michael Jackson

There do happen to be a few good artist still in our present time. Currently I am absolutely addicted to Marshia Ambrosius’ album “Late Nights & Early Mornings.”

What are your favorite songs from the past? How do you feel about the future of our music and its influence on the new generation?


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