What’s Your Therapeutic Release?

“All work, and no play makes THE QUEEN a dull girl”

I like to think of myself as the “creative type.” Throughout my life since childhood I always kept an outlet for me to express myself readily available, whether it was a sketch pad to sketch a design or my mother’s old magazines to make collages, I always had something to do. I even overheard my mother tell her friend once that I was weird child because I like to plant flowers instead of play with my Barbie dolls, (don’t judge me). As time progressed, I started sewing, painting and re-upholstering furniture during my college days. To me, this was my form of therapeutic release; this is what I did to let off steam, to battle boredom, and to create something really. For others, it’s working out, playing some ball, reading, etc. Lately, I’ve noticed that I am no longer allowing myself time to “create” like I would like.  I check design and food blogs religiously and love looking at other people’s creations for inspiration, but it’s not rubbing off on me unfortunately. I give excuses when others ask, “When are you going to design something again?” I’m afraid that I am becoming that person I always feared I’d grow into:

The Robotic Nine to Fiver.

Where's the Coffee?

You know, the person who hits the snooze button three times before they finally get out of bed, zombie-like walk into work, stay there for about eight hours and leave at five, get home, eat and fall asleep and repeat the pattern all over again the next day. No variety, no spontaneity, just boring consistency. And this is not good. Everyone needs an outlet for creative expression or a therapeutic release. If you go day-to-day with the same routine, no room for your “me time” you’re likely to implode. Unlike most Taureans, I like change, I strive to do something ‘different’ from my routine every day, but I haven’t been taking the initiative to return to my ‘creative roots.’ What is it going to take for me to pull out the sewing machine and fabric? Or the brushes and acrylics?


Help CoffyTalkers! What shall I do? What’s your therapeutic release?


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