Are You Marketing Yourself the Right Way?

I attended a conference not too long ago and one of the Facilitators made a comment that stuck with me. She said:

 You are the CEO of You, Inc.”

Hmmmm, interesting.

"You sure that's enough Ciroc for you playboy??? Get that Berry flavor too."

How good are you in the world of self-promoting? How well are you selling yourself? One thing I hate, but love at the same time about Diddy is this guy is the KING of self-promoting. He could sell Ciroc to a Nun and sign her to Bad Boy if he really wanted to. He knows how to promote himself and his brand. As for me, the idea of self-promoting was only useful during interviews or networking events, but after attending the conference, I realized that I should start self-promoting at all times. In general, there is a notion that doing too much talking about ourselves is egotistical, self-serving and annoying. If you can remember a post that I wrote not too long ago, I wrote about those people who network at any given moment and I questioned if there is a time and place for networking. The people whom I spoke of are the greatest self-promoters, and guess what? THEY GET AHEAD!  They may take the aggressive approach, but they are effective, I mean after all, someone will take notice.

So how can I improve at self-promoting, you ask?  Well, for starters, speak up! Another interesting tidbit from the conference that I learned is that many of us, especially women, tend to talk very softly, whether in meetings or in conversations with others. While I recommend first that you know what the hell you are talking about, speaking up make others take notice and pay attention and hopefully what you say earns you respect from your comrades. Secondly, if you’re the CEO of “You, Inc.,” you must promote your accomplishments, just like any CEO would of their own business.  Are you skilled at something or have experience in a particular field? Offer your help on projects in the office. This is called selling your services, and while you may not get compensated at that moment, it will pay off eventually.  Someone will remember how you stepped up to the plate. Basically, think of yourself as a brand. Are you selling the right attitude, your skills, and your accomplishments effectively?

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