Health Corner: Supplements

Either we take supplements now, wish we had the discipline to take them on a regular basis, or  should be taking them because of a deficiency we have. It seems as though supplements are becoming fairly popular today with Americans because we feel as though we are doing something to keep ourselves healthy without doing the work. According to Consumer Reports, the rise in supplements from 42% in 1988 to 53% in 2006 has fueled the growth of the supplement industry to 27 billion dollars.

Most people don’t know that supplements are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration like drugs are. This means that the people who makes these supplements do not guarantee safety if you decide to take them.

Also, we try to use supplements as a scape goat to the underlying issue. We try to mask our unhealthiness with these pills as a way to justify a healthy diet in some way. In reality, these supplements will do nothing without you actually having a healthy diet; they aren’t wonder pills.

I actually am not a fan of multivitamins. Sure, they are convenient because they give you a healthy mix of all the necessary supplements you need without having to take a billions pills, but that is also the down side to it; you don’t get a full dosage of each supplement. More or less you don’t actually need all of the supplements you are consuming.

Overall a healthy lifestyle needs to include healthy eating, living, and supplement intake if you choose. Honestly, you can get everything you need if you eat the right foods, which will eliminate those hard to swallow pills that you dread taking every day.

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  1. Samantha
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 14:52:53

    I really like this article! I totally agree that it’s just getting around the fact that no one eats healthy anymore. We don’t eat fruits or veggies and and we load up on saturated fats and we get fat and wonder why.
    Plus, research also suggests that our bodies really only absorb like the half of the vitamins that are actually in a vitamin pill because of the way our body digests nutrients. Solid foods are the best way to get it.


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