The Royal Couple

It’s time to take our talents international CT readers, there is a royal wedding in the next couple weeks! In case you have been living under a rock these past couple months, Prince William will be marrying his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. A little fact about TLC: I absolutely love everything British! When I heard about this I was absolutely excited! I have taken notice of the kind of men Prince William and Harry have matured into since the death of their mother Princess Diana in the 90s.

As you can see Kate is wearing a pretty stunning engagement ring. That ring was actually Princess Diana’s; William wanted his mother to be apart of this joyous occasion in his life.

You can’t help but to reference Princess Diana in this situation. Kate Middleton, just like Princess Diana is considered in England a commoner, meaning she has no royal affiliation to the crown. The fact that before the engagement, her background wasn’t really revealed; now everything she does will be under scrutiny. The clothes she wears, the events she attends, and the company she keeps will now be closely watched. Hopefully Kate won’t have to endure the hardships Princess Diana had to in order to live the kind of life she wanted to and not what was expected of her because of the man she married.

I just love seeing love. These two have been dating for some time now and I always think it’s a good thing to make sure you get to know a person before you truly make that big leap into marriage.

Oh, and if anyone can get me Harry’s digits I’d appreciate it.

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