Only Bad News or Just Bad News Reporting?


Am I the only person who’s tired of hearing bad news? Just when I think I can’t hear any worse news, it’s a new day and the news is just as worse. If only what the media outlets reported was a true reflection of our country’s status, then December 12, 2012 might just be a reality after all. Kids killing kids, parents killing their kids, tsunamis, tornados, people fighting over McDonald’s jobs, etc., I mean, is there not any good news anymore? Given our economic crisis and the effects of it, I understand that there will be bad news, and it must be reported, but, it should be the media’s responsibility to provide a balance of news reporting for the public. Call me crazy, but I think there are some uplifting, aspiring reports out here that media outlets can report. Tell me more about the kids who received scholarships, citizens who took a stance against violence in their communities, SOMETHING! And for the skeptics, don’t say, “But it’s what the people want.” People are just use to hearing and seeing bad news, all I am asking is just mix it up. Am I really this naive to believe that there are positive things going on in the world???

Maybe with the approval of TeasTer and T.L.C. we will add a “Good News” portion to CoffyTalk.

Would you approve????


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