Should Your 9-5 Go Past 9-5?

It happens every now and again. Sometimes the things that you are trying to get done at work just doesn’t get completed between the hours of 9am-5pm, so you decide to bring things home to make it a little easier the next day for you. Have you noticed that everyone commuting on the train or driving to work have multiple bags with them? It’s probably full of work papers that they took home to complete. When does the work ever stop?

I see it with my boss and other upper level executives. They carry papers, documents, or files online home in order to complete them quicker. Should we have to sacrifice our free time away from work to do work? Sometimes your job requires sacrifice beyond regular working hours but I never want to get to the point where I can’t take a vacation or find myself coming in on the weekends in order to get things done. It’s called MY TIME, and I don’t get paid overtime for that.

Granted all the things that you do at your job makes a difference in whatever aspect it is regardless of how much you think it really makes a difference, but our own personal lives matter just as much. I never want to loose that because at the end of the day jobs can change constantly but you only have ONE life to live.

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  1. Jim
    May 02, 2011 @ 14:00:12

    Good post. Im guilty of that myself often. I spent most of my freetime sunday working on a presentation for work and have grown way to accustomed to working 11-12 hr days with no OT. Its become the American Way unfortunately, part of why you see high stress levels and overuse of prescription psych meds. But as Don Corleone so eloquently put it, “A man who does not make time for his family cannot call himself a real man” or woman. If at the end of the day you were to find yourself on your deathbed, you’d never regret not spending more time in the office. And the work would go on without you. I’ll try to cut back too.


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