The Lakers Just Got Swept..Now What?

Besides yesterday being Mother’s Day, another joyous occasion occurred. For the first time in a very loooong time, the Lakers will not be in the champion game! Not only were they eliminated from the playoffs but they were completely swept in the series against the Mavericks. For those of you who don’t know what swept is, it basically means that they did not win a single game in the series between the two teams. So here we are; a constant in the playoffs no longer exist which means we will have a new NBA champion. Who will it be?

I have no idea who will be the last two standing but I’ll state a couple things that I am sure of. I firmly believe that the Heat will be in the championship. As much as I hate the ridiculous trio of South Beach, they have found the chemistry that took them half the season to achieve and they are in full effect. I believe that they will take the series against the Celtics. The Bulls would be nowhere without Derek Rose (sigh) but they won’t get ahead on his talents alone past the Heat. It will end up being the Bulls vs. Heat for the eastern champion with the Heat grabbing the spot in the finals.

The western side is a little more interesting. The Grizzles are playing really well right now and I feel as though it will ultimately come down to the Grizz against the Mavs for the western conference championship. I feel bad for Oklahoma but I don’t think they have players to propel them to the next level. Although the Mavs knocked out the reigning NBA champions they will definitely have their hands full dealing with the Grizz.

For all of you Laker fans that are still bitter, please don’t go out and do this when you get frustrated that you’re not #winning..

What are you guys predictions? Don’t hold back! Also, please feel free to use this space to express your own rejoicing about the dethroning of the Lakers!


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