The Maturation of Style

"Mom Jeans" At 25? No thanks, I'll pass....

After months and months of being in denial, I finally came to the realization that I had outgrown my “forever 21” phase when I busted out of a dress walked out of the store empty-handed. While none of the designs are really appealing to me at the moment, the reality is I’m getting older and with that, my style is as well. I find myself torn, wanting to shop in the Junior’s section because the clothes are more “trendy,” but too juvenile trendy, but rather shop in Misses section, (yeah, I said “Misses” section), because the sizes are more suitable for my body type. The dilemma is many companies are not tapping into the market of the 23-30 year-olds who want to dress their age without looking as if they’ve stepped out of a Wet Seal or Talbot’s ad. Who want to achieve the grown and sexy look and not the old and boring look or childish and playful either. More and more I find it extremely difficult and frustrating finding apparel that is suitable for my age and I am sure those who are reading this will agree with me, male and female.  Have you ever seen a mother/daughter or father/son duo and its obvious physically who’s the parent, yet stylistically, you’re drawing a blank. In fact, this post came to mind as my sister and I had a conversation with our father when he revealed he wears Coogi and Rocawear….and by the way, he’s 55…..


While he tried to add the caveat that he buys the “dressier” kind without all the flashy monograms  and loud colors, the point is, NO man over 30 35 should be wearing Coogi or Rocawear, period. Which is another issue for a different post, but in general, urban fashion labels make millions of dollars off the black community, and majority of their designs are not suitable for people over a certain age *cough 25* (hey, I was being lenient earlier). Let’s face it, we like to be in style and there are some people out there who will wear whatever regardless of their age for the sake of being “in style” unfortunately. Until they create lines that are geared for the 25 and up group, urban apparel is one of many items that I put in my Do Not Wear After 25 category, along with cornrows and Aeropostale tees.

What do you think CoffyTalk? Any similar stories you have with finding age-appropriate clothing?

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