Should Flopping Be Fined In The NBA?

I think we already know that there are a few NBA players that could also have a good career in acting. A couple nights ago while watching the series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, I witnessed one of the best flop jobs that I hade ever seen. While the commentators were in disbelief that Tyson Chandler was charged with a technical foul for supposedly forearming James Harden, one raised the question of imposing a fine from the league for overexagerations such as the one that had just occurred. they kinda argued about that but in the end didn’t really come to an agreement about it.

In my opinion, I think that something needs to be done in order to prevent actions like this from occurring. As much as it is a apart of the game, first glances that the referees see and make calls on at that moment can have a tremendous affect on the game. Later on they see the film afterwards and realize the big mistake they make. I’m sure they remember player’s habits when it comes to those things also and they can also make the wrong decision that way.

Should the league take actions to prevent players from acting on the court? Or should they just let the players play the game how they see fit?

I think some level of respect needs to remain on the court. Players whining and faking actions on the court takes away from the true competitive spirit and toughness of the game.

Just in case you didn’t seen the flop, here’s the video below.

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