Why Do We Cookout on Memorial Day Weekend?

Even though we all know what Memorial Day Weekend stands for, many people get lost in the act of remembering our fallen soldiers and officials that have fought to keep out country safe. I personally don’t know anyone that has fought for our country but it is a day to remember. Nowadays, people take the advantage of that extra day in order to head to South Beach or plan a cookout. I then thought about the usual cookouts my family and friends usually have on this weekend. It then made me think…where did the idea of cooking out come from?

Memorial Day Weekend is usually designated as the beginning of cookout season. I wasn’t able to trace down the origin of cookouts, but for the purposes of Memorial Day it’s an opportunity to spend time with your family that otherwise on a regular weekend you wouldn’t be able to do. These individuals fought and died for the right for us to live freely in our country. It is only fitting to celebrate their dedication by enjoying time with our families.



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