Unwanted Flirtation In The Office: Do You Pick Your Battles Or Report It?

When I did temporary work, I had the opportunity to work in difference offices and see how the dynamics vary from place to place. There were times when I noticed office flirtation, not necessarily wanted. Usually in most instances, people will just choose to brush them off because of the drama that will come of the situation. How far would you allow unwanted flirtation in the office to occur? Sometimes its best to take one for the team just to keep security in your job but what exactly is enough for you to take further action?

Most of the time the unwanted attention comes from men, let’s be honest. If there are any guys reading this right now and it’s happened to you, please share your story because it actually is a rarity. It could be anything from an inappropriate comment to a blatant stare at something they just shouldn’t be looking at. You have those people that are just so bold in their positions that they do and say what they please knowing that you won’t say anything because at the end of the say it will only make your job more difficult not theirs.

Not that anyone deserves any type of badgering on the job but you do have some people that just ask for it. Everyone is entitled to wear whatever they what, but when you decide to wear things in the office space that can take away from the job at hand, you kind of bring it upon yourself. If you want to wear things that show everything God gave you, that’s all fine and good but remember the consequences you take when doing such; you may have things said to you that you necessarily didn’t bargain for. It could be anything from a skirt that’s too tight to a shirt that shows every muscle and six pack. There is a thing called office etiquette.

Also, some people just don’t have the resistant as a human being to understand when things aren’t appropriate. That person could be tired with the situation they go home to everyday and are just looking to find a thrill in their regular lives. Individuals like to stir up controversy in order to redirect the issues they have within themselves and others.  They also like to see how far they can push the envelope with you, knowing that you probably won’t take it to another level because of the consequences that could come from it.

At end of the day no one deserves to have anything unwanted done to them. We, as human beings, should respect such wishes and treat others the way we would want to be treated. We come to work to make money, and sometimes actually get a rewarding experience from it, not entertain foolishness.

So where do you draw the line? Can you handle the sly remarks, stares, and comments? Does a simple touch that you know could have been avoided put you over the edge? Where is the line between harmless annoyance and flat out badgering?

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