Confessions Of A Transitioning Natural..

If you guys remember, all three members of CT are  on their ways to natural hair, more so in three different stages from completely natural to the beginning stages of transitioning. I find myself to be in the middle. As of June, I have been transitioning for 18 months! I thought I would never be able to do it, but here I am at the end of my transitioning process. I plan to cut the remaining ends of my permed hair by the end of the summer (i’ve been punking out).

I have experimented with numerous products trying to find the “regimen” that will suit my hair. One thing I love to do is try the products that are popular underground before they make it to the mainstream audience. I tend to have more faith in these products because I know that they aren’t mass produced, which means that the product is still the quality it portrays. I’m going to highlight some underground products from two companies; some I have tried and others I plan to try in the near future.

Oyin Handmade

I faithfully use their products. I believe that I have mentioned them before in an older post of mine, but they are a company based in Baltimore, MD which is only about 40 mins from me. They have a shop that is open for a certain amount of hours a week and also give the opportunity for you to be able to help package products and keep some goodies for yourself. My most favorite products include

I love the whole juices trio. After washing my hair I usually just pick one at random and spray it down.

The burnt sugar pomade is great with providing a natural hold instead of using a gel that can cause breakage.

Great conditioner that has an amazing slip for dentangling!

If you don’t try anything I’ve mentioned then please try the whipped pudding. The shea butter concoction is amazing for sealing the moisture in your hair. I use this many for any type of twist out, braid out, or bantu knot hair style.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

This is a company based in Houston, TX. I heard about them from a fellow co working and I am dying to get a hold of some of their products. I know I will have to order directly from them and I love everything about it coming straight from the seller. I will do a detailed report about them soon once I save up some pennies to do some long distance ordering.


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