And We Like Buffets Because…??

I’m sure there is no other country on this planet that has as many buffet chain corporations as America. Matter of fact, does any other country have buffets? Buffets just seem to be another American pastime. All you can eat for a fairly decent price, and best believe everyone will make it their business to eat their money’s worth. Of course it’s a great idea but no one ever takes into the factors that really come along with buffets. I decided to break it down into three categories: the good, the bad, and the just plain nasty.


Paying 6-15 bucks for an opportunity to eat all that you can fit into your stomachs and purses if you’re really desperate. You get to pig out on the usual foods that you necessarily wouldn’t be able to. It’s your opportunity to taste those dishes that you know are totally bad for you but hey, if it’s in front of you why not scarf down a few. You don’t have anyone telling you to eat your vegetables because come on let’s be real, who eats healthy food at buffets?


The thing that racks my nerves is that all the food is just out in the open. People pick, prod, and scramble through food just because they have the option to pick the best out of what they want. Kids walk around sneezing and doing all kinds of things, people talk over the food as they put them on their plates. Some people even have the nerve to put things back on their plates that they all of a sudden don’t want. This is making me sick just thinking about it.


Ever notice that they bring out this food in amazing fast time?  To me, there’s something wrong if food comes in and out as quickly as it does at buffets. Also, I know you all know about this one: when you pick a plate out of the bin and it still has food on it (gag) so you put it to the side and pick up another one that’s clean. Seriously, what makes you think that plate is even cleaner than the one that actually had visible food on it?!??

On a serious note, buffets are doing nothing but promoting the ever climbing obesity rate in the United States. We are eating our lives away just for the sake of being able to do it for cheap. Who could resist food when it is put in front of you like that? Buffets allow no type of portion control, actually the word portion doesn’t even make sense in the same sentence as a buffet. Besides, the plate thing should be enough to turn you off from them anyways. (ughk)


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