The Black Body Done Right

 **Disclaimer: Video is NOT safe for work**

After my eyes and ears were viciously assaulted this past weekend after tuning into to Robin Fenty attempting to sing “performance” AND seeing the new “Unbreakable” commercial by  Khloe “Why Am I Famous?” Kardashian and Lamar “I’m Just Here for the Publicity” Odom, I knew my senses were in need of a retreat.  Lucky me when I stumbled to Necole Bitchie and saw something that was like a breath of fresh air. I stan over fresh new artists so this was heavenly! 

The song itself was audibly pleasing and the video was just visually stunning.

I am referring to the, “Til The End of Time”  video, by new artist Timothy Bloom featuring V. Bozeman. Initially, I thought immediately D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel” video, but after 30 seconds I realized that it was something more.

Check it out for yourself:

or here.

When the camera panned out to reveal their naked bodies, I wasn’t shocked, I wasn’t angry, but instead, I was intrigued and by the end I was relieved. And not because their bodies make you want to  finally put that gym membership to use. Rather, it has been a long time that I can recall since the black body has been used in a way that wasn’t exploitable and demeaning. Especially in terms of the female body, where if you see a naked black woman’s body in the media, chances are she’s shaking it for cash or in hopes of becoming the new it video vixen. Furthermore, there’s a WHOLE LOT of intense sensuality and passion going on in the video that makes you question if they are seeing each other and if not, then maybe they should teach some couples* (cough, Kholmar) how to have on-camera chemistry. In fact, there’s so much passion that after a while, the nudity becomes an afterthought and I believe that was the message the director was probably trying to convey.

 Another motif that stood out to me about this video was the theme of black love. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if it was up to the media, black love would be a thing of the past. I say that because very seldomly now in R&B and obviously in Hip-Hop videos are the main love interests black and also, dark-skinned. It is worth noting that while I am not trying to make this an issue of dark skin vs. light skin, because, after all, black love is black love.  However, today’s videos often imply that light-skinned and ethnically ambiguous women are more desirable, so to see a woman such as V. Bozeman, dark-skinned and practically bald-which are two physical attributes that has been historically considered undesirable within the black community, being embraced by a black man is refreshing.

LAST, but not least, what about the talent here? True talent is really hard to find these days and even harder to have recognized in mainstream society. Case in point #1, while writing this post, I tried to find out more info on both artists, but unfortunately nothing but the video popped up in the search. Case in point #2, having Robin Fenty unable to at least sing over a track.

So what do you guys think of the video? Was the nudity too much? Or was it a reflection of true artistry and creativity? Let’s discuss.


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