Job Woes: Responsibility vs. More Money

I heard this topic on the radio a few weeks ago and I thought it would warrant a good conversation. Would you take a job without a pay raise? More responsibility with no incentives? I know most people would say absolutely not!…I would never take a higher position without more money!” Think about this though: the economy is bad and to be honest this situation could very well happen to you. Of course the downside to the situation is that you accept the position with more hassle and reap no benefits. If you want to look at the bigger picture, even though you aren’t getting any more money with this new position, the responsilibities could propel you into another company with a dramatic increase in pay simply because of the sacrifice you made in the past. Do you take sacrifice now and hold on to it for a future pay off or settle for right now? Let’s hear it!


The Workforce Totem Pole: What’s Your Breaking Point?

In this economy, most of us are working in  a place that is other than our career choice. Besides the fact that it isn’t our chosen profession, most of us didn’t find ourselves off the bat having much influence in the work office. There is that period of time where you feel things and people out in order to see where you want your niche to be. Now that you have settled into the environment and have become more involved you still have individuals that feel entitled to make sure you know that you are “beneath” them.

What do you do about the people who like to swing their weight around? Truth of the matter is, those individuals were once in the same position that you were but for some reason they feel as though because they have moved up on the totem pole they are entitled to treat you that way because of the hierarchy. Little things like grab a file here, make a copy of something that is on my desk with the copier in my office, or ask you to get someone for them when that person is in the office next to them makes you question when have we gotten to the age where we can do simple things ourselves. Is it anyone’s responsibly to budget a program and also wipe your boss’ butt at the same time? What about co-workers that feel entitled to try to let you know how things work in the office so you won’t change any of the things they are use to?

Co-workers that don’t like change are usually the ones that have been at that office for several years. They have probably moved around in the office somewhat, therefore being familiar with numerous peoples jobs including yours. When they see you doing something different that directly or indirectly affects them, they are going to try to “offer you advice” about how you should handle your job. At the end of the day, years after you have found a new job, they will still be at their same place, offering “advice” to the next unsuspecting person coming along.

How do you get your point across that you are no ones’ slave without loosing your job? How do you hold on to you’re self-respect without putting yourself in jeopardy?

Is It That I’m Bougie, Or People Need To Do Better?

Maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m wrong that I like the finer things in life and I refuse to settle for anything less than that. I don’t want to go to every hole in the wall and I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be more than just street smart but educated also. I tend to talk differently than my peers or act a certain way that’s not identifiable with my culture at times. Does this make me bougie?

Sometimes I think people are quick to call others bougie when in all actuality, they just need to do better with their lives. Let’s face it, they’re hating! They see someone in the position they want to be so they try to bring them down to their level. Just because someone doesn’t tolerate the same things you do doesn’t make them any less of who they are.

We all have those family members that just can’t seem to get ahead in life. Matter of fact, they probably could but choose to stay where they are and just aren’t proactive. They see you doing well with all your nice things so they try to hit you up for money, a car ride, a place to crash (live) etc knowing that as a family member you have their back. As soon as you no longer want to be a personal ATM, they think you getting all “bougie” on them by not wanting to help because you got so much to go around. In reality, they just need to be trying to get to where they want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there really are some bougie people among us. They are so high on their horse that they can’t see anyone that’s not on their level. Anything lower is just unacceptable. You know I just had a thought about Janet Jackson’s role in For Colored Girls. If you’ve seen that then you know what I’m talking about. That fits the characterization I’m trying to portray here.

Bougie seems to have different interpretations that vary through different social and class levels.

What does bougie mean to you?

Should Your 9-5 Go Past 9-5?

It happens every now and again. Sometimes the things that you are trying to get done at work just doesn’t get completed between the hours of 9am-5pm, so you decide to bring things home to make it a little easier the next day for you. Have you noticed that everyone commuting on the train or driving to work have multiple bags with them? It’s probably full of work papers that they took home to complete. When does the work ever stop?

I see it with my boss and other upper level executives. They carry papers, documents, or files online home in order to complete them quicker. Should we have to sacrifice our free time away from work to do work? Sometimes your job requires sacrifice beyond regular working hours but I never want to get to the point where I can’t take a vacation or find myself coming in on the weekends in order to get things done. It’s called MY TIME, and I don’t get paid overtime for that.

Granted all the things that you do at your job makes a difference in whatever aspect it is regardless of how much you think it really makes a difference, but our own personal lives matter just as much. I never want to loose that because at the end of the day jobs can change constantly but you only have ONE life to live.

Are You Marketing Yourself the Right Way?

I attended a conference not too long ago and one of the Facilitators made a comment that stuck with me. She said:

 You are the CEO of You, Inc.”

Hmmmm, interesting.

"You sure that's enough Ciroc for you playboy??? Get that Berry flavor too."

How good are you in the world of self-promoting? How well are you selling yourself? One thing I hate, but love at the same time about Diddy is this guy is the KING of self-promoting. He could sell Ciroc to a Nun and sign her to Bad Boy if he really wanted to. He knows how to promote himself and his brand. As for me, the idea of self-promoting was only useful during interviews or networking events, but after attending the conference, I realized that I should start self-promoting at all times. In general, there is a notion that doing too much talking about ourselves is egotistical, self-serving and annoying. If you can remember a post that I wrote not too long ago, I wrote about those people who network at any given moment and I questioned if there is a time and place for networking. The people whom I spoke of are the greatest self-promoters, and guess what? THEY GET AHEAD!  They may take the aggressive approach, but they are effective, I mean after all, someone will take notice.

So how can I improve at self-promoting, you ask?  Well, for starters, speak up! Another interesting tidbit from the conference that I learned is that many of us, especially women, tend to talk very softly, whether in meetings or in conversations with others. While I recommend first that you know what the hell you are talking about, speaking up make others take notice and pay attention and hopefully what you say earns you respect from your comrades. Secondly, if you’re the CEO of “You, Inc.,” you must promote your accomplishments, just like any CEO would of their own business.  Are you skilled at something or have experience in a particular field? Offer your help on projects in the office. This is called selling your services, and while you may not get compensated at that moment, it will pay off eventually.  Someone will remember how you stepped up to the plate. Basically, think of yourself as a brand. Are you selling the right attitude, your skills, and your accomplishments effectively?

Do You Have Toxic Relationships?

Recently in a church service, a minister started to touch upon the topic of toxic relationships. Toxic relationships are bonds you have between people that aren’t good for you and eventually create a toxicity within yourself. Now a toxic relationship doesn’t have to be just romantic relationships; this can be relationships between family, friends, and in the workplace. How do we identify whether a relationship is toxic to ourselves and the things we want to accomplish? Let’s take a look a different types of toxic relationships.

Toxic boyfriend/girlfriend. This person has to be your center of attention. Their need to be your center of attention literally brings you into their bubble, leaving everything associated with your identify behind. All of a sudden you’re not hanging out with your friends anymore. People start to see a change in you. The family reunions that you are never absent from start to become few and far in between with your attendance. Soon, it’s just you and that person, and your ambitions start to become contingent upon that person. You start to think that you can’t do any better than this person; that he or she is the best you will ever do and you have to hold on to dear life for this person. Your dreams are no longer yours but the dreams of another.

Toxic friends. Toxic friends are those friends that aren’t on board with the progression of your aspirations and goals. They never seem to be happy about the things you are doing. Their lives tend to always revolve around drama; therefore bringing the drama into your life. They never have anything pleasant to say or talk about. Although you try to comfort and support them, your help never seems to be enough; and your concern for them overshadows you’re own objectives.

Toxic family members. The families members that can never be happy with anything you are doing; matter of fact they encourage you to just settle with where you are at now. Some are  jealous that you are accomplishing more things that they will ever in life causing personal resentment and jealousy. This resentment in turn makes you feel some type of way because at the end of the day they are your family; and it hurts the most when you experience negative  opinions from them.

Toxic co-workers. Co-workers that are constantly looking for you to confide in and gossip. They tell you these things about other people in the office which in turn changes your own personal perspective about the individual. This change of opinion can hinder you’re own personal advancement. Also, this person is probably not the most approachable person in the office meaning if you are associated with that person, others will shy away. Understand the dynamics in the office and where that person seems to fall.

Any of the relationships sound familiar? All of these types of relationships can hinder you’re own personal growth and advancement.

Any other types of toxic relationships you can identify? Let’s hear them!

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