Is It That I’m Bougie, Or People Need To Do Better?

Maybe it’s just me. I guess I’m wrong that I like the finer things in life and I refuse to settle for anything less than that. I don’t want to go to every hole in the wall and I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be more than just street smart but educated also. I tend to talk differently than my peers or act a certain way that’s not identifiable with my culture at times. Does this make me bougie?

Sometimes I think people are quick to call others bougie when in all actuality, they just need to do better with their lives. Let’s face it, they’re hating! They see someone in the position they want to be so they try to bring them down to their level. Just because someone doesn’t tolerate the same things you do doesn’t make them any less of who they are.

We all have those family members that just can’t seem to get ahead in life. Matter of fact, they probably could but choose to stay where they are and just aren’t proactive. They see you doing well with all your nice things so they try to hit you up for money, a car ride, a place to crash (live) etc knowing that as a family member you have their back. As soon as you no longer want to be a personal ATM, they think you getting all “bougie” on them by not wanting to help because you got so much to go around. In reality, they just need to be trying to get to where they want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there really are some bougie people among us. They are so high on their horse that they can’t see anyone that’s not on their level. Anything lower is just unacceptable. You know I just had a thought about Janet Jackson’s role in For Colored Girls. If you’ve seen that then you know what I’m talking about. That fits the characterization I’m trying to portray here.

Bougie seems to have different interpretations that vary through different social and class levels.

What does bougie mean to you?




Among the things I throw in the daily tomfoolery/side-eye bucket are children running around quoting Wacka Flocka or Travis Porter lyrics yet chances are they couldn’t make it past the letter “K” in their ABCs. As a product of the public school system, I didn’t realize what kind of disadvantage I was in until I went to college and had discussion classes with kids who seemed as though they read the Wall Street Journal for fun. While I am not discrediting my entire public school education, the reality was there were things that I just didn’t know in comparison to my counterparts. To prevent this post from turning into a dissertation (because there are a lot of f*cked up things wrong with the public school system), I decided to list the top ten things that should be taught in the public school system or at least stressed by educators.


  1. Reading IS Fundamental! – I remember being in the 12th grade and we were asked to read Macbeth aloud. It was such a tragic moment when it took this guy 20 minutes to read 5 lines, smh. Granted, it was Shakespeare, but it wasn’t like it was Geoffrey Chaucer either. After 3rd grade, Teachers aren’t asking their pupils to read out loud in class that much anymore. As a result, kids go on to 5th and 6th grade still reading on 2nd grade levels. Kids are left to go home and read and quite frankly, they aren’t really reading and comprehending when they get home. They skim and hope the Teacher doesn’t call on them the next day. More reading, particularly oral, should be done in class. That way kids aren’t embarrassed in high school when their asked to recite 5 lines, smh.
  2. Real History– Don’t have me thinking from Kindergarten to 6th grade that the Pilgrims were the first inhabitants of America and that the NATIVE AMERICANS only came to help out with Thanksgiving. Give it to the kids straight.
  3. Nitty Gritty Sex Education Courses– I know what you’re thinking. Sex Education is taught in school. True, it is, but not the things that should be taught in this day in age. In middle school, I learned about the male and female reproductive systems with the nausea inducing STD slide show and the word ABSTINENCE. However, the reality is this: KIDS ARE HAVING SEX whether parents and educators want to realize it or not. Instead of teaching our kids what not to do, we need to teach them how to prepare themselves when or if they find themselves considering sex (i.e. safe sex practices, birth control, etc.). Sure, this will have the conservatives’ panties in a bunch, but we are no longer living in a conservative society.
  4. Relevant Finance Info– I believe in 12th grade I had an Economics class. We learned about microeconomics and macroeconomics *YAWN,* but I didn’t find that relevant then and I don’t find it relevant now. I wish that instead of that I was taught what a CREDIT SCORE was and it’s importance, so that I would have been better prepared when I went off to college and faced the barrage of credit card applications.
  5. The Importance of Voting- Even though you can’t vote until you’re 18, Teachers should stressed the importance of voting and not just in Presidential elections, but local elections especially. These are the votes that affect us first.
  6. Dropping Out is for Lames– They shouldn’t say it this way exactly, but you get my point. These days, no one is hiring if you don’t have a high school diploma or at least a GED and even with those, you’re not making that much money. I always wondered why it seemed so easy for kids to just drop out of school. If school officials take on a lackadaisical mentality when a hopeless kid want to drop out then of course that attitude will only justify their reasoning for dropping out.
  7. Highlighting Different Cultures– Let’s face it, in majority of public school systems, majority of the students are black and are use to one way of living, whatever that may be. Exposing them to different cultures in school prepares them for a society and a workplace that are quite diverse.
  8. Community Service– This is practiced in some schools, but it is not expected. It shouldn’t be thought of as something you do when you’re released from jail, but considered positive and an overall effort to better the community. **chheeesetastticc!**
  9. Career Basics– How to write a resume, cover letter, the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, appropriate office attire, you know, THE BASICS.
  10. PARENT INVOLVEMENT– Without question, parents should be more active in their child’s school. It should be made mandatory that parents attend parent-teacher conferences and be members of the PTA. Ya’ll don’t want me running the country….


Well, this ended up being a dissertation after all, but you guys aren’t doing much work anyway. And while this topic focused on what Educators should be doing, it is worth saying parents should play a role in teaching their children these things as well. With that said, what am I missing people?


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